I weighed in at 350lbs yesterday, then I ordered a large Papa John's Supreme pizza and a dozen barbecue wings... and I can believe "I ate the whole thing". A few hours later, when the itchy hives started, I took a Benadryl and went to bed. I woke up several times during the night which is typical. IBS has had me on the toilet four times this AM and still feel the need to go #2. I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open but I'm convinced that the only way out of this nightmare is the primal life.

The main reason I believe in this lifestyle is that about a year-and-a-half ago I almost lost my left eye to rare illness called scleritis. It was incredibly painful not to mention frightening. After testing negative for all the known associated disorders (including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Wegener granulomatosis) and being "cured" with a massive course or prednisone over several months, I pleaded with the doctor to explain why this just happened out-of-the-blue. He shrugged and suggested "systemic inflammation.... bad luck?". I just happened to be reading The Primal Blueprint at the time, and so I immediately started and stuck to the Primal lifestyle for about 3 months and felt better than I can ever remember. I quit smoking and lost a bunch of weight (at the time I was just under 300lbs) but the most memorable thing was the day I was walking through Whole Foods and realized I had a spring in my step, held my head high, and felt downright happy. Going to the grocery store is just about one of my least favorite activities so the experience was quite significant and memorable to me. It had been many years since I had felt that way and in every other instance of that feeling that I can recall was the result of a more traditional great experience i.e. being in love, participating in a beloved activity like SCUBA or canoeing, or traveling to incredible destinations... certainly nothing even remotely resembling a walk through a grocery store.

Then the Thanksgiving holiday came around and a little stuffing certainly couldn't hurt.... then a slice of sprouted sourdough might not be so bad with my morning bacon, eggs, and greens. Next thing I know, I'm a 51 year old , 350lb, six-foot tall, lump of flesh that can't get through a day without an Alleve and a Benadryl; has a 58" waist; who dreads the thought of getting up out of chair or having to bend over to pick up something up; suffers almost daily from recurring tinnitus, itching hives, IBS, and lately recurring migraines; sleeps as much as 12 hours a day and is still tired most of the time; smokes at least four cigars a day; who "enjoys" a steady diet of nothing but coffee all day and thousands of calories of processed carbs and fast food each evening. In addition to feeling awful all the time, I've developed high blood-pressure, high triglycerides, and a serious corn allergy (try to find a processed food that doesn't contain some corn by-product). The inescapable fact is that guys like me drop dead every day and honestly, the way I feel, that doesn't sound like the worst alternative. Enough is Enough! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Day 0 of the Primal Blueprint challenge starts today! I'm about half way through the 21 Day Challenge book already but just covered the part where Day 1 should be a Monday so just this one more time... I'll start tomorrow.