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Thread: Show, then aid - Sabine

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    Supposedly, more Americans have German as part of their heritage than any other nationality. Those Germans get around.

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    +1 German/Prussian mixed with Native American, Dutch and Welsh person here. I look most like the Germanic relatives though.

    Man, zwiebelkuchen, sounds really good.
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    My uncle lives in Germany. I had German for 4 years at school, but forgot most of it. That is, I can read and understand most of it, but can't speak. I never liked German as a language, I always liked French, Spanish and of course Italian a lot more.

    About the crème brulée, I had a magnificent crème brulée at the Thai restaurant I went to with DH a few weeks ago: it was made with coconut cream and there was a little pineapple juice in it too. It was kind of primal, the only non-primal thing in it being the sugar. But it was so heavenly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lopisheep View Post
    Everything is always my fault:-):-):-)
    Well, yeah.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sabine View Post
    When I was suffering from heartburn back in my SAD days, I got into the habit of no snacks after dinner. Laying down soon after eating was just not a good idea, and though I had years of habit against me, I managed to learn not to eat in the evenings. Stabbing pain is such a good motivator.

    It popped into my head this afternoon, that I no longer get up and wander into the kitchen, looking for a little something in the evenings. I just never think of it. Part of that is a lack of sugar cravings, but part, too, is I broke the habit. When I get antsy in the evening, I look around for something to do, not to chew.

    Thank you, Heartburn, for your part in this. You were not my most popular teacher, but your lessons have been invaluable.
    Odd, but I have a helpful problem too. My tongue gets sore if my sugar intake gets too high. It used to be sores in my mouth and it took a lot to trigger them, but now quite small amounts of sugar will make my tongue tingly sore, starting at the back and working further forward the more I've indulged. And yes, it is curbing my sugar cravings even more. It's a non-vicious circle: the less sugar I eat, the less it takes to trigger the soreness, so the less I eat... I'm even at the point where my dark chocolate bar is lasting days and days and days because I look at it and say "Nah, I don't feel like having a sore tongue.j I'll save it for some time when it's worth the consequences."

    Quote Originally Posted by Sabine View Post
    Supposedly, more Americans have German as part of their heritage than any other nationality. Those Germans get around.
    LOL! It's strange for me. Since I left Western Canada, I've been surrounded by so many ethnicities, especially French Canadian (spent 25 years in Quebec) and Italian relatives, so German now comes almost as an exotic shock to me. My father's side of the family was Austrian and my father's first language was German, although his was pretty much like yours. I am the only one in my generation who made a serious effort to learn it, but that's mainly because languages are my "thing" and I had the opportunity on top of it all.

    Candy, what is your first language? With Belgians, you have to ask...
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    I'm a mutt full of European descent... My grandfather on my mom's side was German. Grandmother on my dad's side was German. We have some Irish in there from my grandma on my mom's side. Not sure where my dad's paternal family is from... The family changed the name back in the day.

    English is my only language.
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    I love hearing about everyones background and heritages
    My fathers side is originally scottish, and welshuntil they came to the Americas and mixed with Apache and Spanish. My mom's side was danish and somewhere else in Europe and also spain and Cherokee!
    I so want to speak another language and plan on attempting the feat!

    @Sabine~chronic heartburn/GERD kept my weight and eating under control for years until I had surgery in the late 90's and man did I pack on the pounds after that!!!! I would rather have heartburn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex26 View Post
    Man, zwiebelkuchen, sounds really good.

    The only German I know is the word for flyswater, but if you say it "strong" enough, it sounds like you are swearing

    My "heritage" is Irish, English and French.
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    Love your German notes.

    Hey, question for you. If one eats tons of vegetables, isn't the carbs issue taken care of -- even without sweet potatoes, potatoes and other starchy vegetables?

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    You would really need to eat a lot of nonstarchy veg to get there and track carefully. I was never able to get enough in that way. I always fell below the 50g carb line.
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    I have kept food logs before. Even gone so far as to calculate out my calories, fat, protein, carbs. And this was before the interweb. I did it all on paper and my math was by hand. What I always did was, as soon as I slipped, I stopped journaling. I didn't want to write down the bad stuff. I pretended it didn't exist. When I pulled myself together again, the journaling would start up again.

    No reason why doing it with a computer would be different. But doing it ON-LINE. Apparently there is an amazing difference.

    When I had my first 'slip' I wrote it down. And wrote about it. It was 9 chocolate macadamias on March 18th. Nothing too major, and even somewhat primal. An unplanned indulgence. Maybe that's why I was able to write about it. By then, I had people following my journal, and we 'talked it out' a bit.

    When I had my 'binge' I did not want to write it down. It wasn't primal food, it wasn't a little, and I felt ashamed.

    I considered writing it in my paper log, but not on-line. Then I realized how I would feel, making up a lie on my journal. I have been very honest with myself in my journal, reaching deep, and trying to understand the emotional aspects of my eating. If I started lying... And not just to myself, but OTHERS. How often it comes down to that, doesn't it? That we treat others better than we treat ourselves. But it helped me do right by myself this time. I could not lie to my on-line friends. And so I wrote it down. And that meant I had to figure it out, think about it. And I did.

    I have never had friends that I discussed my eating with. Oh, I did the social moaning, where you complain about how undisciplined you have been, and what a pain 'dieting' is, and 'hey, have you heard about this new diet?' but I never talked about the real stuff. How I felt. My failures were strictly private. Now they are not. I have dared to share my failures, and gained so much from it. From you, my friends. One, by your listening/reading. Two, by making me think. Three, by your advice and feed-back. And most, by being a presence on my journal and in my thoughts.

    It has been two months since I started keeping this journal. This weekend I am going to read through it, see where I've been and think about what I have learned.

    Thank you, friends, for being part of this, and helping me so much.

    Yesterday I was on alert for any self-sabotage. Still can't figure out if the potato qualifies. here's what went down:

    Up at 6:00

    1:00 2 rotisserie chicken legs
    1C coleslaw
    2 sqs dark chocolate (8gC)
    1 brazil nut

    50 squats (this is Winencandy's fault)

    6:30 large porkchop with lots of fatty bits, yum
    1t honey mustard sauce
    1/2C fried apples made with
    lard and
    butter and
    large baking potato with lots of
    butter and
    sour cream, salt, and pepper

    Water: 8 glasses

    Bed at 9:30

    My plan was to have 1/2 of a potato. Littlest left most of her half, and I finished it off. This AFTER I had remarked to my honey that the potato had NO taste, just texture. Was it sabotage? An excuse to shovel more sour cream and salt in my face? Unknown. But I got up and left the kitchen right after, and stayed away from food. Nothing further happened. I count it as a success.

    I will stay on alert today, though. No taking chances. There was an opportunity this morning to add white chocolate to my repetoire, but I decided to save it for another time, just in case I was trying to trick myself into a downward spiral.

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