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Thread: Show, then aid - Sabine

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    Hi Sabine, glad you are safe. Holey smokes the tornadoes looked wicked on the news! I've really enjoyed reading your journal, you have the harper's gift of storytelling. Thanks for stopping by my corner the other day and introducing yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabine View Post
    Tornados all around us, but none in our town. I did get to sit in the closet with the dogs for 45 minutes while the sirens went off. The girls were hunkered down in their schools' safe rooms, and my honey at work on the other end of town didn't notice a thing.
    I'm glad the tornados missed you!
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    whew! I'm glad the storms passed you over Sabine!! And ND too! I really hate that kind of weather. Not sure I could live in tornado alley! I'd be sick all the time! When we have severe weather come thru I always get a little anxious...we live in a very small double wide manufactured home. There's no place to hide!! Oh well...I guess when its your time to go there's nothing you can do about it! (But I'm soooo not ready...for a very very long time!!! lol)
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    My DH called me at work to tell me about the tornados. So glad you are OK.. I have been through them almost everytime I go visit family in Arkansas!!

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    Glad you're OK Sabine!
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    My parents divorced when I was seven, and my younger sister and I stayed with our father. When you're a kid, it's all about you, and somehow in my mind, it all translated to these ideas:

    I must be bad in some way.
    I need to be as good as possible to make up for it.
    I need to fail in my efforts to 'prove' that my mother was right in her 'judgment' of me.

    It took me a long time to figure these out. I still haven't overcome them. But at least I am aware of them now. I'm open to the idea that I can succeed at something besides motherhood. That is the one area I have never been afraid of succeeding in. It was too important to me, that my children have the kind of childhood every child should. (And, that I wanted. I'm finally getting it, just from the flip side.) I hope it is more than spite, but if that's what it takes for me to be a good mother, and for my kids to have one, I'll take it.

    But I want to succeed at other things, too. My work. My house. My weight. My health.

    Good-bye, self-sabotage. Good-bye, perfectionism. I will not be afraid to be seen trying. To have to work at something, and have it be hard, and try again and again until I get it right. And to succeed.

    Here's how yesterday went:

    Up at 5:45

    9:00 2 soft-boiled aggs
    3 pork sausages
    1 apple
    2T almond butter

    2:30 2/3C taco 'casserole' (the last of it!)
    1C mixed greens gratin(ditto)
    2 salmon patties(and, again-leftovers)

    6:30 1/8 quiche lorraine
    1/2C blackberries
    4 squares dark chocolate with cranberries (10gC)

    Plenty of tornado stress, but I dealt with it by taking sensible precautions and reading to distract myself. No zen going on, but overall, no freaking out that THERE WERE TORNADOS ALL OVER THE PLACE! Really.

    Bed at 9:30- slightly late as we were skyping with Eldest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabine View Post
    But I want to succeed at other things, too. My work. My house. My weight. My health.

    Good-bye, self-sabotage. Good-bye, perfectionism. I will not be afraid to be seen trying. To have to wrok at something, and have it be hard, and try again and again until I get it right. And to succeed.
    I'm so happy that you recognize that you are a great Mom. That is one area where I feel confident as well.

    Amen to the rest. That is a powerful mantra that resonates for me as well.

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    I am glad you are safe, Sabine. Tornadoes are scary things. I used to freak out about them and get so mad at my FIL b/c he'd just stand outside and watch (they live on the other side of our block and use our house for protection b/c they don't have a basement). He always says "if it's my time, it's my time", but seriously! Why INVITE it?? Or why take the risk of it NOT being your time, but spending the rest of your time incapacitated b/c you wanted to see a stupid tornado take out the neighbor's house?? So stupid. Now because I have really young kids, they freak me out WAY bad b/c I'm terrified of my kids getting swept away.

    Anyhow, before a panic attack sets in... what is in your taco casserole? And how do you eat an apple with almond butter AND eggs and sausage? Usually after I finish my sausage I have to choke down my eggs so I'm not hungry again in 3 hours. lol

    I think you did really well considering yesterday's events.
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    I am always boggled by how little some people eat. I eat a lot. No problem with apple, almond butter, eggs, and sausage. Hmmm, just for curiosity, I think I will take a quick look at the calories and P/F/C count. b
    3 sausages...250.........7.............24.....1
    almond but...180.........7.............16......2
    apple.............65.........0.............0...... .14

    total...........635........26.............49...... 19

    Wow! I forgot how many carbs were in an apple. Need to rethink that. Everything else looks good, though I would like to have more protein. Maybe up my eggs and drop the apple. But I don't really like just a spoonful of almond butter- I want something crunchy with it. Maybe celery would be a better choice. I think for my size I am 'supposed' to be eating about 2,000 calories per day, so this is just right for me. Yay for being tall.

    For the casserole I use (I think it was ecks recipe) spaghetti squash strands with taco meat, cheese, salsa, an egg, and sour cream. It is tasty, and feels like a one-pot meal. Top with olives and avocado after cooking.

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    I am afraid I eat 2000 calories some days and it is not ok on my frame.. but I like lots of food.. Then other days I hardly eat at all.. That casserole sound fantastic.. May have to try that one.. Just saying hi and checking in!!

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