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Thread: Show, then aid - Sabine

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    Sabine...I have started us a group for our April challenge so we have one place to talk about it. Go to your profile...scroll down till you see on join groups & that will take you to the page. Ours is called Best Your Stress. Join it & there you are! I am going to moderate to try & keep out the spammers. See ya there!
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    Joining the Group!

    The good news is that spammers usually stick to the threads. More traffic for them and they can't join most groups without permission.
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    Measuring today

    I took a walk over to the Grocery store to use their scale this morning. This was after I had measured myself, so I was already thinking about the inches result. I stayed the same in most places, went up a smidge on my ribcage(not enough to be statistically significant, though), and for the big surprise, reduced around both my thighs!

    This fit in with my feeling fat a few days ago. I wasn't thrilled, but I wasn't disappointed, either. I guess, I was...accepting. Wow! Is that meditation working already?

    So, I was working out what I thought my feelings SHOULD be regarding any weight loss/gain/maintenance. I decided I would be disappointed at a gain, accepting of staying the same, happy at a loss, and thrilled if the loss was more than two pounds.

    And I listed ways I might have got to where ever I am. Due to my eating. Regardless of my eating. Ditto physical activity. Ditto stress. Ditto hormones. Ditto the great unknown.

    And then I asked myself if I felt good.

    Yes, I do.

    And can I eat and move, and sleep like this forever and be happy.

    Yes, I can.

    I weigh 1/2 pound less. And that's good.

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    All the numbers

    Here's what I did yesterday:

    Up at 5:30

    6:45 small Liquid Fat Bomb
    1 egg
    1/4C coconut milk
    1/4C cream
    2T coconut oil
    1/2T vanilla
    1/2 packet stevia

    12:15 1C mixed greens gratin
    1/2C rotisserie chicken breast
    1C sausage and peppers and onions and tomatoes

    7:00 8oz shrimp
    ~2T cocktail sauce
    8oz lox
    cream cheese
    capers, red onion
    2 choco-coco cups

    Outside getting a little sun and doing gentle walking from 10am-4pm at a Girl Scout celebration. Also took a twenty minute nap on the lawn in the shade.

    Bed at 9:15

    Tedious errands when I got home, so I ate rather late, and more than I needed, but it tasted fabulous, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. No regrets. Also, Littlest joined me in eschewing the use of bagels for our lox, and told me she thinks sugar makes her sick. Honey had given her a zinger while I was out on errands, and she said it made her stomach hurt. I told her not to worry, we had plenty of good stuff without needing sugary things, and she agreed, and stuffed her face with shrimp.

    Here are the measurements:

    Measurement.....Jan 23/2012.......Mar 1..........Mar 15..........April 1
    Weight.............211...................194.5.... ......191.5...........191.0
    Underarms........41"....................40.5"..... ......40"..............40"
    Ribcage............37.5".................36"...... ........35.75"..........36"
    Waist...............40.5".................39.75".. .......39"...............39"
    Hips.................44"....................44"... ..........43"...............43"
    Thighs L-R........25.5"-25.25".......25"-25..25"....25"-25".........24.25"-24.5"

    I am 3.5 pounds lighter over the past month, just a little off my planned pace of 1 pound per week. I am down a total of 13 1/2 inches off the parts of my body that I am keeping an eye on.

    And I'm wearing a tank top!
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    *clapping* Sabine! I am thrilled for your losses in the last month and you have inspired me to take my measurements today as part of our April No stress challenge. Then I will retake them on May 1st to see how I did! Thank you!

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    That liquid fat bomb looks yummy. I don't like stevia, so am thinking one date:-) Reading what people eat is such fun and gives me so many ideas.

    Hey, I don't usually think cream cheese because then I think bagel and lox, but I could put it on top of vegetables. Oh, yes! Thank you for the idea.

    Gay Panda already has psychic powers. Iodine should definitely make him able to fly through the universe! Doesn't seaweed work? Yeh, I guess that would be a lot of seaweed!

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    Yay - progress! Good to see it in someone who is just about my size (minus the big booty).
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    I know, I love seeing how other people about my height and build are doing. Even more so when I see they have made it down to my goal weight and look great!

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    Good progress, Sabine!
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    Fire Ants and Chiggers!!

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    Getting some extra sleep is not working out. I got some fire ant and chigger bites at the Girl Scout Bash on Saturday, and they are keeping me up. It is just past three in the morning, my time, and I've been lying awake with my legs burning from the pain. Decided I should get up and DO something, so I'm going to cruise the journals and do some chores. At least everything will be done and when I get home from work I can relax, maybe watch a movie and knit.

    New meditation: I accept that the pain from these bites will keep me up tonight. I am willing for it to go away soon. I accept that I might as well do laundry and clean the kitchen while I am waiting for the bites to stop hurting.

    That's the best I can do for now.

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