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Thread: Show, then aid - Sabine

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    Little bit of this, little bit of that.

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    We have two black dachshunds, sisters, just over three years old, named Salem and Chloe. If I ever figure out how to post pictures on the interweb, I'll be sure to toss up one of them, as they are adorable.

    I've decided I need to be more accepting when my family tells me they are not hungry. (As long as they don't say it after noshing on a bag of chips. Not that I buy chips. My honey, on the other hand, does so almost every weekend. He usually eats them by himself, but sometimes the girls ask for a few.)

    Bought a new grill today, with temperature controls, so that we can do our grass-fed beef at the 'lower and slower' pace recommended. It also has a timer, which will be invaluable for the honey. He forgets what he has going on, sometimes.

    Bratwursts rock! The perfect protein and fat snack, in my opinion. Really, almost any kind of wurst. I remember walking around the shopping district of Hamburg and stopping at the wurst stands. They have about twenty varieties listed. How to decide! Mustard was free, but ketchup was 10 pfennig extra. Mmm, curry wurst! Weiss wurst! Knack wurst!

    I have tortillas for the family if they want them for the tacos. One daughter almost always eats her taco as a salad, the other, about half the time. This is my lettuce leaf method: Core the lettuce, to a depth of about 2 inches. Then carefully loosen the outer leaves, one by one. Usually once you get all the edges 'lifted' the cupped lettuce leaf will just pop off. They are great for all kinds of filling: tacos, tuna salad, meats and cheeses a la subs, even thicker chilis.

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    Can't remember who I suggested this to before but romaine lettuce holds up much better than regular lettuce. The V shape is BEGGING to hold something and it has a much more to offer nutritionally than head lettuce.
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    Sabine, thanks for the idea in my journal about taking the average of the weights. Great idea.
    and I second what ecks said about the romaine lettuce

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    Love romaine, too. But when it comes to tacos, my honey has to have his iceberg.

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    I was going to have an insightful post today, about doing something brave. My plans yesterday included buying tank tops. Tank tops! In bright colors, even, not like my standard grey gym tank.

    I was going to wear one out in the yard doing yard work, and be amazed at my own courage in revealing my form.

    But the shop no longer carries plus-sized tanks!

    I looked at the size large, but there is just no way.


    Up at 5:30

    9:30 2 eggs fried in
    2/3C sauteed mushrooms,
    red bells
    3 sausage links

    1:30 1 1/2 plates of sashimi
    1/2C rice
    1C creme brulee

    8:00 4 BBBB
    2 squares dark chocolate

    Dessert meal! Yum!

    Bed at 9:15

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    Bummer about the tanks! I'm still not brave enough to wear one out in public... in my yard to do some gardening yes, b/c then only my neighbors see me, but not in public public... lol

    Your puppies sound cute. I like lil weiner dogs!

    I suppose beer brats are out b/c of the wheat... The idea of brats excites me though! I haven't had one in like FOREVER!
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    Dancing with the devil

    I was feeling very antsy today, kept walking to the fridge and looking inside, and eventually had one of those 'snack' meals, wherein I think 'oh, I'll just have a little something' then I have a second something, and a third. It was bad.

    Took a look at my food log, and decided today's behavior actually started about a week ago, when I had chocolate. Ever since then, I have been having either more chocolate, or 'little snacks'.

    This is where those people who say everything in moderation would tell me to 'stop, just have a little'. Please, give me the secret. If I could, I would.

    So, I had a little talking to myself, and decided, tomorrow: fat and protein only, get these baby cravings (small cravings, not cravings for babies!) under control. This will not be the beginning of a long, slow slip.

    That's when the dance began.

    As soon (4:20pm) as I decided I was whipping into action tomorrow with fat and protein, some little corner of my mind said, 'Then you should have something tonight. Something good. Something you won't be eating when you're 'GOOD' (which of course I will be from now on, right?). Something like ice cream. Or better yet, a banana split.'

    At 4:19 I had no thoughts of ice-cream. At 4:21 I was already plotting when and how to acquire it.

    There was no back and forth: oh, I shouldn't, what would be nice, well, maybe a small cone, no, just have some whipping cream, screw it, give me a double-dip. No, some part of me had already gone through all that, and came right at me with a banana split, two scoops of vanilla, one of strawberry, cherry and fudge toppings, whipped cream, cherry, no nuts.

    The next figure of the dance was the recriminations.

    How can you be planning this?
    No, no, I won't do it.
    Who am I kidding, I'm going to do it.

    Now that the thought has entered my mind, it is all I can think of. Hmmm. Get it now, and eat it in the parking lot, so no one knows? After I drop off Littlest? No, my honey might get home for the gym before I can finish. After the gym? What if I'm (gasp!) too tired to go get it afterwards? Better get it now. Now, quick, oh, shoot, honey is home. I can't do it now, unless I say what I'm going to do.

    And I should, right? I'm not committing a crime, just eating something that isn't good for me.

    And all this while, I am scarfing down my 'little snacks'. A gal's got to keep her energy up for the dance after all, right?

    So, I set off to the gym with my honey, and somewhere along the way, a new dance started.

    I had no revelatory moment, when I suddenly said, 'No! I will NOT have ice cream! I am strong!'

    But I did my walking, and my weights (I even did a SPRINT- I blame the music: 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet') and by the end of it, I was not thinking of ice cream. I came home, changed into my nightshirt (I refuse to go through the Braum's drive-thru in my nightshirt. I have my standards) and had some cheese. Another little snack, but NOT a banana split. I must count it as a victory.

    I will live to dance another day.

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    I love it when I'm too lazy to get a snack it has prevented me from snacking lots of time before going primal .
    Hope the cravings are all gone by the time you get up.
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    That was an excellent description of the mind on a binge. Good for you for putting on the brakes. I find it hard to do once I'm at the planning point. One piece of good news...I fought with my husband and did not binge.

    Of course, I was secretly thinking. "Yeah I'll show him...when we get divorced I'll be so hot, men will be lining up down the street." (Well, nobody's perfect. :P) It's all good; we made up the next day. I'm going to keep working on getting hotter though...just in case. o.O
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    Pebbles- I cannot remember ever before NOT getting a treat after my mind had decided what it wanted. (I guess there's a positive to knowing if you are decided on something you WILL get it, come hell or high water, but it is hard to view it as a good thing when it is a Hostess fruit pie. A clean house would be much better, but sadly, I get no cravings for that, just a feeling it would be a good thing to have, but unattainable- like enough fiber on a daily basis.)

    I'm sorry about the fight with your honey, but good job on the not bingeing. And if feelings of revenge-hotness made it possible, well, good. Too often our wacky feelings have us stuffing ourselves, thinking 'what's the use?'. Let them do something useful for a change. At least make-up emotions don't trigger binges in the same way.

    I did have a co-worker who dieted her way down to hotness after a break-up, strictly out of spite. She would nibble an apple all day, and talk about how her ex was going to DIE when he saw her strutting her stuff on the dance floor. And, she was right. She was a pocket-Venus type, small, with exaggerated curves when she got 'light enough'. Tiny waist with a very round bottom and bust. He had griped about her 'letting herself go' (I know, what a charmer) and when she was back down to fighting trim, tried to get her back. She took great delight in going to the bars where they both still hung out, and flirting with other guys in front of him. I don't know how good this was for her on a spiritual level, but she seemed happy enough.

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