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Thread: Show, then aid - Sabine

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    so, my first question is, do you make your own ice cream, and pineapple salsa?

    wonder if it is thickening agents? Have you tried to make your own gelatin. I use Great Lakes Kosher Beef Gelatin (order online), then you control the ingredients.

    I am personally more prone to looking at ingredients in the brat, jello, ice cream etc. than thinking it is from nuts or cauliflower or other simple food. Of course I am not a doctor, so you need to take what I say with a grain of salt (assuming that isn't the culprit)

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    I have to watch portion sizes of all cruciferous vegs or I get stomach aches.

    Paul Newman pineapple salsa is so delicious; does have a smidge of sugar in it,
    But, oh, how I/we love it.

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    The ice cream is store bought, but all real ingredients. The pineapple salsa was bottled. I made it for the girls, and only ate the leftovers because someone had to. There were preservatives. Not the best choice.
    Today is much better with the pains. Luckily, I KNOW that sashimi is fine for me.

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    hope this is the start of total healing
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    I would lean toward Demuralists opinion too - more likely something in the brats, jello or salsa than a food that you have eaten lots of before and has no additives. Hopefully this stuff will soon be in your past and just a distant memory.
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    Surely a long walk balances ice cream! Right?

    More faxing of W-2s yesterday. The verification company is having a hard time getting callbacks from some of Honey's past employers, so we need to send in the documentation ourselves. But the requests are coming in dribs and drabs. So much easier if they had asked for it ALL at one time. I'm getting very familiar with the book section at Kinko's. (Okay, I've only had to go twice, but there's an attendant adrenelin[how the heck do you spell this?] rush- This information is NEEDED! The job DEPENDS on it HURRY! Do it NOW!)

    Luckily, Kinko's is right next to the sushi restaurant. Yes, I sent the faxes first!

    Up at 5:00

    11:30 2 plates sashimi
    seaweed salad
    2 grapes

    5:45 pork with katsu sauce

    7:00 junior vanilla shake from Braum's (walked there and back)
    2 slices muenster cheese

    9:00 15 chocolate chips- yes, I know I said I was going to skip the chocolate today- I didn't

    Water: 9 glasses
    Walking: 75"
    Pains: 18, not so sharp

    Bed at 9:30

    Taking Middlest for her immunizations today. She's NOT looking forward to it.

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    Getting ready for the weekend

    We are having games day here, so I have been busy cooking and tidying. Spinach dip with celery and jicama, strawberries and angel food cake, devilled eggs, zucchini a la Siobhan, olives(for others, not me ). Last minute things will be heating up the chana marsala for our vegetarian friends and salmon patties for meat eaters, and whipping some cream.

    The tidying, not so interesting. I should really have people over every week, to make me keep up with all the CLUTTER!

    Here was yesterday. Too much time in the car, which led to no walking, but I had a great time with my friend, and got Middlest's shots taken care of.

    Up at 5:30

    9:00 4oz salmon with 2t mayo

    2:30 2 eggs

    6:00 large spinach salad with 2, count 'em, 2 bacon(all thanks to you, Skink), vinegar

    Water: 8 glasses
    Pains: 19

    Bed at 10:00

    Okay, need to zip and get these dishes washed and put away! Ciao!

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    Food and Games

    Had a very nice day yesterday. All the cooking got done, but not all the cleaning. Just the way it should be. But we had some sad news. Two of our friends are being sent back to India by their employer, a year ahead of schedule. We'll miss them. We've got them for another month, then that will be it.

    Up at 7:00

    8:30 8oz cod fried in 1T butter with 2T hollandaise(the last of it)
    1C coleslaw

    12:00 1/2C pork with katsu sauce
    1/2 apple
    1/4C seaweed salad
    1 slice muenster

    3:15 onwards
    3 devil eggs
    spinach dip with jicama
    zucchini and tomato in olive oil with pine nuts
    chocolate chips
    a few baked potato chips (and a few more)

    Water: 8 glasses
    Walking: no
    Pains: 13 (and none until after noon!)

    Bed at 9:30

    Today I felt a little dizzy in the afternoon. It went away as soon as I ate something. I wonder if I was having a little sugar-crash after my higher-carb eating yesterday afternoon. Strangely, I was not really hungry.

    My weight went down a nudge this morning, which I am thankful for. I am hoping I am on the start of another losing period.

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    Shower your friends with love and good food. In the age of the internet you are never too far from people. Services like skype are a godsent!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecks View Post
    In the age of the internet you are never too far from people. Services like skype are a godsent!

    Sorry they are moving away. Is there any possibility that they could be back in the future?
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