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    I've been reading your coffee experiment with great interest. For much of my life I was positively addicted - I had only one cup but I HAD to have it. HAD to. Gave it up and starting drinking it again numerous times. At some point I lost my taste for it. I have an occasional cup now and then. I am really enjoying this new thing I got called an Aeropress. It's sort of like a French press but with a lot more pressure. Makes great tasting coffee. But I still only drink it every third day or so. I have mixed feelings about every day use. I do, however, drink gallons of tea all the time.
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    I'm finding the cold baths much more manageable than the coffee. I sort of look forward to to getting into the tub. It is a challenge, but once I am in, I don't notice it, I can just sit and read for fifteen minutes.

    But the coffee!

    I am having to force myself, gulp by gulp. And it doesn't make me feel warm and tingly afterwards, just sick (Maybe. It might be all in my head. Or, horrors, I might be getting used to it! Can't help but think that would be like getting 'used to' a SAD diet again. I already don't feel AS jittery afterwards. That's what a daily dose will do.) Once the coffee is gone, I may consider caffeine pills instead. Or decide that caffeine isn't for me.

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    There's a term paper in this, I'm certain

    The over-importance of the epiphany in our culture.

    We often say of some startling event that it was a real wake-up call, and attribute a lasting change to it. But how often does something happen- a health scare- that changes our behavior for a little while, and then, whoops, we are right back to it?

    When my friend Beth died, it was a prod to my eating habits for about two months. Then I willfully stopped thinking of it. I didn't want to think of the sorrow and loss any more. Screw my health, I wanted to live. In the joyful, not thinking about death sense, even though that was what was keeping me eating better, which would lead to long-term physical health.

    What devious creatures our wills are.

    The thing about wake-up calls is that you need them every morning.

    Blessed are those who can have one epiphany and have it set them on the right path forever. No wonder they are religious experiences.

    I am starting to have greater sympathy for addicts. It is so hard to decide to 'be good' over and over and over. And over. And again the next day. For the rest of your life.

    So hard to start, even when you feel bad. So hard to start AGAIN.

    How can something as big as your friend, your father, another friend, DYING not change you completely instead of just for a few months each?

    It is so easy in the movies and books. That one startling incident cuts so deep, they are changed forever. But humans are more resilient than that. They heal, they forget, they lapse into habit to get them through. There's a reason we make habits. They're a great tool, if we choose the right ones. The thing is, we don't always know what we are choosing. Or the needs of the time we make them pass. Or we get stronger, but we don't notice.

    These musing brought to you courtesy of Siobhan, who got me thinking this morning. She's just lucky I made it back here, before I started getting going on her page!
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    This is painfully true. I had my own near death experience two years ago and watched my Mom die of cancer last year, and I STILL F' around with the food. Grrrr.
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    Grumpy stomach again. How many days has it been? Four. Okay, I'll give it three more, just to show myself I can. But if my stomach still feels this way on day seven, it is OVER.

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    Too true what you said about epiphanies and changing our ways. Someone asked of facebook what our epiphany was and I couldn't come up with one b/c I hadn't experienced one yet - which might be why it was always so hard to stay on track before. Luckily, for me thus far, there has been a positive feedback loop spurred from changing my diet that has resulted in significant weight loss and improved mood, etc, that has kept me going. Maybe we don't always need epiphanies...

    If the caffeine upsets your stomach, I'd just give it up now. No sense in feeling like crap.
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    That was a very thoughful postI have often felt that humans have the attention span of Gnats. It's a shame.
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    I say ditch the coffee too. I used to be a coffee drinker - started drinking it at age 35 so the ex and I would have something we could do together (shows how shallow that relationship was!). I was fine for 15 years - then all of the sudden every cup would have my stomach in fits! Burning and churning.......... I finally said NO MORE! Its tough when my hubby brews up a wonderfully smelling pot --- but the little bit of pleasure I get from drinking it (or the assumed metabolism boost) is NOT worth the hours of agony! No thanks!
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    Coffee and tea
    White potato
    Dairy - including butter

    I'm choosing to do this......... I don't HAVE to.

    I'm doing this because I'm worth it - because I'm worthy - because I love myself.

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    So now we come to one real issue in my I have lowered my consumption to 5 cups a day (I know, I know!!). But this is less than a third of what I consumed before going primal. I learned at an early age (17?) that it was a calorie free beverage and started drinking it all day. Hot in the morning, Iced thereafter. I've tried many times to curb my addiction (My name is David and I am a coffee addict) but I am still in its grasp.

    I love everything about it, the smell of the beans while grinding it, the many kinds of gear used to brew it, the different shape of the cups to drink it, from the paper cups in the coin operated coffee dispensors with the poker hands printed on them all the way up to fine china cups, and every kind in between. I love the flavor black or with cream. I love the first cup in the morning and the last after dinner.

    I know a little might be good for me but I fear I may need to give it up. It will be harder for me to do this than giving up bread, pasta, cake, chips and pizza combined. Right now I am working on bringing it down to three cups, at rising, at morning break at work and an iced coffee when I get home. Eventually just one in the morning. But the thought makes me sad.

    But if it makes you sick, why bother trying to drink it? Look what it's done to me!?!? ;-)
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    Dump the coffee if it's not working for you. This from an unrepentant coffee lover.

    I will not recommend tea though. Apparently the tannin binds to minerals and prevents absorption. I still have the occasional cup of tea, but I try to wait a few hours after eating and at least an hour before the next meal. Hey, it was the jolting realization that my "healthy" eating had been causing mineral deficiencies that made me open to consider Primal, so I'm a little sensitive on that point.
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