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    Quote Originally Posted by thebiggfella View Post
    I drink it for the taste nothing more nothing less. I feel the same whether or not I've had any.
    Good for you. I would suggest adding a variety of herbal teas to your diet. It's best to try to get as wide a variety of plant foods as possible into your body every day. Coffee is just one plant. Teas allow you to bring dozens of different plants into your diet.

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    I have a life long love affair with caffeine. I doubt there is many who consumed caffeine in the quantity which did I. My delivery vehicle of choice for most of my life was diet soda, but I've always loved and drank coffee too. Then, when I gave up diet soda late last year, I made up for it with more coffee. The addiction got ridiculous. I'd have to get my coffee in me as quick as possible in the morning because I could not even focus to get dressed without it. If I didn't get my regular dose through the day, I'd get to feeling crappy. So, about six weeks ago, I did what I had to do: went cold turkey.

    Man, I was miserable for about four days. Felt unwell for about another four. And then, it was past. I must say, I feel better without the addiction to the stimulant. Nothing radical, but definitely better. Or maybe it is just consistently better. About two weeks ago, I started drinking decaf coffee and I'm enjoying that with regularity. I may add a cup of leaded in the morning some time, but not for now...I feel like I've not got the habit fully beat yet.

    So, I recommend it, but I think it is a highly individual thing. And if it isn't bothering you or debilitating to you, then I'd just keep my coffee and enjoy its many benefits.

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    I will join this challenge. But instead of giving up coffee im giving up my diet redbulls and diet sodas. I will not give up on caffeine completely though, not this month atleast, so I will drink Yerba Mate daily instead, way better then redbulls and sodas ofcourse

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    I used to have a double-shot latte every morning, sometimes even a triple-shot. Because of recent sleep issues, I decided to take it down to 1-2 cups of green tea on weekdays and a single-shot latte on weekends. If I see any improvement in energy levels or sleep, maybe I'll give it all up! I do love my coffee though, so I'd be sad if I couldn't enjoy it at least on the weekends ...

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    1 more day before start, will cut down as much as I can tomorrow.

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    I drink coffee every day, as part of my Bulletproof IFing. It's helped me break my fat loss plateau.
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    I'm giving up coffee. But then I am also an addict so left to my own devices I would normally drink a couple pots every day. Down to 4 cups in the morning now. +1 for Yerba Mate.

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    I remember that TheFastCat thread from last year, a lot of us, myself included picked on him (in good fun, I hope he knows) and hailed the greatness of java. I guess now I have my foot in my mouth from trying to get the egg off my face, but I noticed these benefits from quitting, only after a couple weeks:

    -Once every 2 or 3 days difficult bowel movements became effortless twice daily.
    -Dark circles and bags under eyes faded.
    -Skin more even-toned, less oily.
    -Anxiety reduction.
    -Better sleep, faster and easier to fall asleep.

    A couple of those might be a result of the last one. I only drank a few cups a day, always before noon. I love coffee, and I always will. A large cup of coffee makes me feel like a god. Creativity boost, I can study like a boss, I can write music, or even practice scales, and it's all great. But I was wrong, it's not worth the negatives.

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    **sips morning coffee with delight** hhmm don't think I'll be joining in with this one. I've gone for days, maybe a week or so without coffee and felt pretty good for it, but I also feel pretty good and comforted by having a coffee first thing in the morning to get me going. It's almost a ritual for me now.

    What are peoples motivations for giving up? What changes are you expecting to see? I know OP doesn't want to get into the science debate of whether it's good or bad, but if I give something up or make life changes I like to have targets/expected results to motivate me.

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    So, I had my last large flat white from Gloria Jeans today, for a month at least. Damn it was good! I know one thing tho, even if my body doesn't thank me for this my wallet certainly will.

    Thanks for the support TFC, I totally agree with your view on this. I hadn't seen your original thread so that was interesting too.
    Thanks and good luck also to dbalch, jimpag, dubleyoo and denasqu (hope I've not missed anyone).

    SteveW - feel free to discuss the science of it on this thread, it's all cool. My personal approach is that if something isn't clear cut in terms of benefit vs drawbacks (as illustrated by the posts in this thread), then I've gotta try both before I can really make an opinion. I've said it a lot, but I trust the experience over the experts always. In terms of targets/expected results, I would've thought DubleYoo pretty much nailed it.

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