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Thread: Kelp Noodles

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    Kelp Noodles

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    How have I not discovered these yummy things before?? I have made 2 awesome stirfrys with them. Other ideas for them? The only downside I can see is I have to order them and can buy them locally- must be why I have not discovered them before now. LOL The joys of the midwest!

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    Spaghetti is awesome with them - unless you prefer meat sauce sans noodles.

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    I tried them last night for the first time. I had some homemade spaghetti sauce which I have used on spaghetti squash once and on zucchini noodles once-- I was looking for alternatives, thus the kelp noodles. WOW! They turned out great. It was an excellent substitute for pasta-- even the husband was happy. I will be having this again. Fortunately, I can get them locally at the Natural Grocer. I am considering ordering a case on line, though. I could see using them for chicken "noodle" soup, stir fry. Maybe experiement with a Beef Stroganoff recipe served over kelp noodles..... hmmm...

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