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Thread: Hi from another Aussie :)

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    Victoria, Australia

    Hi from another Aussie :)

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    I am Jac, and from Australia.. I am a 34 yo mum to one spunky little boy!

    My journey started back in January, when I cut out grains and sugar from my diet.. I was feeling great, lost a little weight and then I came across Primal Blueprint. Since then I have also cut out all processed food, diary and caffine and I have lost 7kgs in 8 weeks!! With minimal to no exercise.. now I am feeling so much better I am going to start strength training as I feel like I have so much more energy!

    I am so excited to join up, I am still learning and have lots of questions.

    Look forward to 'seeing' you around the forum

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    Welcome, great result so far.
    Achieving goals takes a backbone not a wishbone

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