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Thread: Why do my lungs burn / cough after intense HIIT ?

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    Why do my lungs burn / cough after intense HIIT ?

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    I did 7 mins of Burpees.
    As many as possible.
    Or after sprints...

    Why do my lung burn / cough after intense HIIT ?
    Inflammation lasts sometimes for hours afterwards.

    I am in perfect health. No asthma..
    Just when I do an insane HIIT routine at 100%.

    I've been doing HIIT/Crossfit style fitness for 5 years now,
    but always wanted to ask this...

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    gotta get used to it. will go away.

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    That sounds like a basic exercise induced bronchoconstriction. Basically a mild asthma. At least thats what I have always figured it was. I get the same thing. Its worse if I have been working out hard in a cold air environment but even indoors I'll get that sometimes too. Try a hot steamy shower. It seems to help sometimes!

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    Sounds like you all most got it right. Just push a little harder. You should puke after a HIIT!!!
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    We did a big group session of the 7 minutes burpees today. Most of us that hung out afterwards were noticing the chunky lung weezy coughing etc. Been at it for about 2 years, and push myself beyond capacity regularly without this type of "side effect". That burpee is a funny animal!

    Quote Originally Posted by Guod View Post
    You should puke after a HIIT!!!
    No, that's wrong.

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    I did 4 minute tabatas today, and coughed for an hour or so. Was curious about this too.

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    It could be exercise-induced asthma. A lot of people who get it don't have any other asthma triggers.
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    Sure sounds like exercise-induced asthma to me. Cold or dry air makes it worse.

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    Try a hot steamy shower. It seems to help sometimes!

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    Exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage.

    Basically you are very likely to experience this if you are exercising at a higher intensity than usual, as it makes the weaker capillaries in your lungs burst. After the weaker ones have burst it is obviously less likely to occur.
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