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Thread: Anyone else here with hypermobility syndrome/ Ehler-Danlos?

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    Anyone else here with hypermobility syndrome/ Ehler-Danlos?

    Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with some form of hypermobility syndrome (not sure exactly what yet, am still in the process). Waiting for follow up appointments and a physio referral is taking forever and I am not feeling very patient! I've got into a vicious cycle of worsening symptoms, increasing inactivity, injuries that take months to heal, weight gain, weaker muscles... you get the idea. Joint pain and fatigue is having a nasty amount of impact on my quality of life right now. I have plantar fasciitis which I have tried pretty much everything for, so am limited in how much I can be on my feet.

    I just wondered if anyone else here had HMS or knows anything about what I can do to strengthen my muscles so they can support my joints better, and rebuild my fitness without injuring myself. I've just had to give up working and I don't have funds for any private help like a chiro or massages.

    Any advice very welcome.

    (Just to add, my siggy says I have AS but I don't, HMS is my new diagnosis)
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    Gluten intolerance and hypermobility syndrome

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