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    OH my lord their rotisserie chicken! That is SO good, and goes a long way...

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    Goals: Feel good, be stronger, and hopefully kick that arthritis in the backside! Oh, yeah, and losing more weight would be okay, too.

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    We finally have a Costco here in Sydney Australia and our list is not dissimilar to what has already been posted - sadly no Kerrygold here though. Did get our hands on some wild caught Monkfish and Salmon last time which is a rare occurrence. Fruit & Veg is not that much cheaper at Costco here, but the pantry staples stand up - coconut milk, tinned organic tomatoes and bulk frozen berries rate highest in our house. Used to buy all sorts of heinous stuff at Costco prior to going primal - shopping list is VERY different now

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    They have broken ground and Costco will be here by next summer! N'Orleans gets dragged into the new millenium kicking and screaming.

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    Kerrygold Dubliner
    Normandy blend frozen veg
    Organic green beans
    Atlantic Salmon
    Diet Pop (yep non-primal but I'm addicted to a couple cans a day)

    Their bakery is awesome: cakes, pies, rolls, muffins, buns and so on....sigh....not part of the plan anymore but tasty stuff none the less.

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