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Thread: Is ignoring hunger bad for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sihana View Post
    Eat more for your meal that breaks the fast. 1 egg and 1 slice of bacon is a snack, no wonder you are hungry again! More, more, and more.

    You are newly primal, and your job is to focus on keeping your body stocked with good, nutritious food. Give in to your hunger, whether it be from habit or from actual need. Let your body adjust to the new way of eating, let your body get used to this system. Keep it well fed, you will not overeat if you eat the right food comps. You will find a few weeks in that you will have automatically adjusted, your hunger signals should be accurate again, and you should be able to tell the difference of thirst hunger or food hunger.
    Yes! If you are hungry then eat. Just eat the right foods. Make or buy some good quality jerky and keep some with you.

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    I would examine to see if it is real hunger or just feeling like you should eat at that time. I for one eat a much bigger breakfast than you, however, sometimes I catch myself wanting to eat a short time later. When I look at the feeling a little closer I see that it is totally out of habit or my new food obsession to all things primal : )

    If I don't give in to that initial urge, I am able to comfortably go for hours without eating. But I definitely do eat when I am sure that I am actually hungry.

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    ignoring hunger sharpens your senses.

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    hey guys thanks for the responses really cleared it up for me ate a huge breakfast this morning 2 eggs three bacon was delicious and carried me right through to lunch couldnt actually finish all my lunch cos i wasnt that hungry and was fine until dinner thanks again for all the responses

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    Quote Originally Posted by dado View Post
    ignoring hunger sharpens your senses.
    Yes I agree.

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    I've only eaten twice so far this weekend, and it's 6.30 pm Sunday as I write this. I ate dinner yesterday, and lunch today. It feels good in spite of hunger pangs. I've no light-headedness. I plan to try some 24 hour + fasts at the weekends.
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