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    I am a 53 year old male who has enjoyed many drinks and great food through the years. I found myself out of breath,unhealthy and over weight two years ago.I started working out every morning in a local jym.I have worked up to what I call a heavy weight training routine.About a month ago I was telling a friend that I have worked out heavy for two years and have not lost much weight and not much muscle gain. He had mentioned that he only works out 1/2 hour a week. This guy always looked good.I gave it a try about 3 weeks ago.1/2 hour a week but slow killer,stop your heart weight training.I have seen a little better results. My trainer advised me to take the primal way. I have been on 100 carbs a day,maybe go over a couple once in a while.For about 2 weeks.
    I only eat red meat and lamb,some vegies,few drinks at night. I lost about a total of 4 Lbs and stopped,even though I am staying real close to the 100 carbs.Any thoughts would be great.....Thanks

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    Welcome Tony. Cutting back to one drink per night would be good.
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    Yes. Cut the booze.

    Also, be patient. Your body probably has some internal healing to do, which usually takes precedence over shedding weight.

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