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    I'm thinking of going to two different dietary specialists One does hypnotherapy and the other accupuncture. Assuming they are hip to the primal diet (I also refer to it as the GAPS/SCD diet), I'm hoping they can help me with what I think is my own carb addiction: psychological and physical. I can't seem to stay away from raisins. I know that doesn't sound too bad, but no. This week it's raisins and the next it's dates, and the next it's honey, etc..

    Anybody have experience with these types of treatments?

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    Here it is for free: Your addiction is carbs! Each carb addict has their own preferences. Most of us have struggled with this, to a greater or less degree. There is no magic shortcut other than will power and time.

    I really, really doubt if they know what paleo is. Maybe Atkins. Practitioners of those arts are probably big into vegetarianism and veganism.

    Trust yourself.

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    Just don't do it. I definitely don't mean to sound insensitive here, and I understand many people are addicted to carbs in a physiological sense but... just stop, throw them out, don't do it. Be strong. Don't waste your money, there's higher reward in getting stuff done on your own.

    I read this on another page:

    "It's better to suffer the pain of discipline than to suffer the pain of regret" ... eventually you won't "suffer" and there will be no "pain" ...

    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.

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    I've gone to acupuncture for a recurring issue in my IT band (former marathoner, here). It was a good experience, but not as effective as a foam roller and a healthy amount of Aleve.

    I think that you just need to cut the carbs out of your diet. Seriously. Box everything up and take it to a food pantry or give them to someone else. You can do it!

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    I have a practitioner license in NLP based hypno-therapy I got randomly when I was 19. I've seen a lot of people get a lot of help from it. But before you shell out some of your dough tell us about what you've done so far yourself to try to stop?

    How have you tried to limit yourself?

    What worked the most? What worked the least?

    Did you try to go cold turkey or ease into it?

    If you have the extra money laying around I say definitely go for it, the hypnotherapy won't hurt... but if you don't lets try to take a step by step analytical approach.

    Good luck!

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    I agree with most of the comments above. I have had acupuncture and hypnotherapy in the past. They didn't do much for me. As for carb addiction, I doubt that they would have done anything.

    I was a severe addict: doughnuts, cake, brownies, I had to have desert every night and a good amount of carbs in the day. I would crave them and HAD to buy them at the store. Yesterday at the store I saw them sitting there, and their presence affecting me no more than a lump of clay sitting there. I had zero desire.

    The first little bit of quitting is hard, and no treatment is going to stop that. But, it does get easier and easier and in no time it is pretty easy.

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    Save your money; the placebo effect comes with a hefty price tag.

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    I wouldn't go to those people. Change takes time. It takes at least 21 days to break a habit...I don't know what it takes to break an addiction. Keep with it and look at every "cheat" as a break and then get back in the boat. You can beat this, everyone can. It takes time, patience and will power. Every time you get back on track, the longer you can go with out caving in to those cravings.

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