There are a few posters here who have said they needed to restrict calories to finally lose the weight they wanted to lose.

My own past experience with any weight-loss diet before this (WW, Atkins, or just eating less) is that maintenance was tricky, and when I finally regained the weight, I ended up 5 or 10 lbs heavier than before--resulting in my current stance, "I can't afford to diet anymore, I'll end up weighing too much."

I have plateaued at easily 20 lbs above my goal weight (for several months, now--been eating primal for over a year). I am considering doing some calorie counting, but am concerned about what seems to happen to my setpoint when I restrict calories. (There are any number of other things I need to fix as well--sleep, exercise, etc.--but I'm still interested in this question.)

I'm wondering what the experience of people here has been with calorie restriction--did you reach your goal? Were you able to maintain satiety on fewer calories by eating primal? Has maintenance been a challenge or relatively easy?