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Thread: Maintaining weight loss

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    You don't mention what your exercise and activity level is. Sometimes a small reduction in calories is enough to kick start things again.
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    Activia, this is clearly not the case with this user though. Read their first post where they talk about plateauing at 20 pounds or so over their ideal body weight. That whole sentence made me cringe but it did allow me to determine this wasn't someone trying to get from 8% to 6% body fat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StackingPlates View Post
    Activia, this is clearly not the case with this user though. Read their first post where they talk about plateauing at 20 pounds or so over their ideal body weight. That whole sentence made me cringe but it did allow me to determine this wasn't someone trying to get from 8% to 6% body fat...
    We still don't know what SuBee's goal % BF and BMI are though. Without context one can't tell where this goal sits within the spectrum of unrealistic/highly challenging right through to theoretically easily achievable. The more challenging it is, the greater the need to count calories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by activia View Post
    That doesnt mean it's not necessary for some people when they get down to lower body fat %. <--- speaking from experience, I'm a strict PBer and that alone even with daily 16hr fasts and exercise (2 days lifting heavy things, sprinting once a week, walking 1hr daily) is not enough for me to lose body fat (the horror I've actually gained a few pounds). I've tried the whole cutting dairy, no nuts (I typically dont eat nuts), <50g of carb..having no effect. I think calorie restriction should be a last resort, but sometimes needed.
    Cum hoc/questionable cause fallacy...
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    ...recently picked up a paper on high-fat diets for endurance athletes where the researchers were using 1g/kg carbohydrate and 4g/kg of fat!... If you are going to eat low-carb, you need to eat high-fat and likely a lot higher than you think what a high-fat diet actually is.

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    I don't mean to scare you, but I have read quite a few posts where women say that actually increasing their good carbs helped then to lose those last few pounds. I can't attest to this, because I am not at that point yet, but it seems to be a common thing. Keep in mind these should be non goitrogenic foods. Read Choco's post about what veggies are goitrogenic! Lot's of luck to you!

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    Thanks for your responses, everyone.

    I was trying to make my question brief and to the point, but I seem to have made it not-informative-enough and confusing.

    I am 5'2" and 148 lbs, and it's not because I've been lifting heavy things, more like because I've been lifting bags of macadamias. Before the vortex of the last couple of months hit me, I had plateaued at about 140 for several months. And by "plateaued," I mean, I was still eating primally and eating to satisfaction, but not losing weight (I started at about 165). I *know* there are many things I still need to change in order to be living primally and not just eating primally (I can start with the "17 Things" post if I'm ever lacking for ideas--that alone will take me years). So, perhaps "plateaued" is misleading, as it implies that I'm already doing everything right and not losing.

    In any case--my question then was not really about my weight loss (though I can see why it seemed that way). My question was more about other people's experiences with calorie restriction. I know Mark doesn't particularly discuss it, and it's not my next line of defense (there's a lot of moving slowly and lifting heavy things and getting enough sleep to add before I *ever* start counting calories again). I was not trying to write another tweak-my-primal-life post, because there are obvious tweaks that need to be made.

    I guess that what I'm after is--what is people's experience with maintenance in general? I'm particularly interested in other middle-aged women's experience, as maintenance was no problem for me when I was 22. And in specific, if you are someone who felt that calorie restriction was necessary for you to achieve your happy-with-it body, how has it worked for you to transition from restricting calories to regular eating again?

    I've been interested in Kurt Harris's blog--the point of losing fat by eating a bland diet seems to be to convince the body that it really doesn't want to eat more--so that the "restriction" happens at the point of food choices, and not at the amount consumed. My understanding of his theory is that this reduces the body's set point, so that you end up at a place where you can eat reasonably and maintain weight loss.

    I am wondering to what extent this is true of paleo/primal eating as well, and am interested in hearing people's experiences.

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    SuBee, what happened to me is this:

    I was slowly gaining from 118 to 128 lbs from about age 22 to age 28. Then I had a baby and ballooned to 150+ lbs after childbirth. 2 years or so after being 150, I decided enough is enough and lost 30+ lbs on CW in 14 weeks (boot camps, sever calorie restrictions). For the next few months on CW diet, I tried to restrict calories to 1350 a day eating 70% from "healthy carbs" (yeah, whole wheat toast and oatmeal!) and under 10% of fat (my methabolic type, duh). I was starved, dizzy etc. If I let myself to eat till fullness, I clocked at about 1,800 cals, and gained like 3 lbs overnight.

    Then I tried low carbing (anabolic diet) on wrong kinds of food, like nut butters and liver sausage. I restricted calories to 1500 a day and was still very hungry, and end up in near faint in 2 months.

    Then, 2 years ago, I tried whole foods (sprouted grains, whole unprocessed garins only, legumes). I plateaud, but stopped feeling hungry, feeling satisfied and not re-gaining weight at ~ 123 lbs (I am 5'6 and 1/2") at about 1500-1700 cals a day.

    Then I went Paleo with ~ 40% fats and mostly the right foods, some indulgence in whole non-glutenous grains (millet or buckwheat) and dairy. I continued to plateeau.

    I went on carb cycling diet, lost weight to about 118 lbs, but started regaining once the diet was over.

    What I did next was to go for a few weeks on not calorie counting eating of ground beef, eggs and potatoes - whichever I wanted till full; after a couple weeks of that my appetite stabilized and weight stabilized at 118 lbs. After that I did Whole 30 with no fruit, coffee, nuts, but with white potato instead of sweet. In other words, i eliminated all sugars & I also stopped using all fats but coconut oil, rarely olive oil and animal drippings. I eat all fat from my meats though and skin from my chicken!

    Now, I am back to calorie cycling and IF'ing when I feel like it, but the most amazing thing is that I am FULL on 1,200-1,400 calories a day, a caloric range that I could not manage on CW or just low carb. In other words, my appetite got re-set ONCE I WENT LONG ENOUGH WITHOUT SUGARS. I consume plenty of NON-SWEET carbs, but I also train heavily and do pretty cool short cardios. I am at ~ 116 lbs now.

    So, my advice is to spend a few weeks with no sugar and sugar substitutes, eat simple, eat plain, keep calorie count and see how much you actually eat, and if the nature of your hunger and appetite change to scale down on its own & you re-start loosing weight.
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    I agree. Even though I am still losing weight, I seemed to have settled in on an 1500 - 1800 cal a day diet/lifestyle. And I'm
    6'-4" tall and weight 254 right now. I can IF 2 to 3 times a week when I want to as well. Once you fiannly break from the carbs, the calorie intake tends to drop IMO.
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    Thanks, Leida, for writing your story in such detail. I appreciate the input!

    Also, had to come back to correct myself, it's not Kurt Harris's blog that talks about bland diet, it's Stephan Guyenet's. Got my health gurus mixed up.

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