This thread is spinning off a conversation started in the CW Moments thread, where a bunch of us outted ourselves as primal nerds. Yes, brains and brawn can come in the same package ;D

My comments:

re: the Portlandia BSG addiction sketch

HILARIOUS!! I cant count the number of times that's happened to me with a show. I think the last one that happened with was Archer.

re: Feminization and Firefly

I am of multiple minds about this. On the one hand, yes I feel that the female characters can get stereotyped a bit, but on the other hand at least they also have character depth to them and--shock of shocks--a lot of male viewers ive talked to actually care about them as characters and not just as sex symbols. Thats a huge step forward.

And yes I identify with Kaylee too, mostly because I like wearing bright colorful things, get REALLY excited when my favorite subjects come up (especially birds), but yet I can also switch from being bubbly and joyful to smart and focused like THAT *snap*.