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Thread: Primal Nerds!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by highaerials36 View Post
    Heck yes, much love for your knowledge of what it is
    Not bad for a business major, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravyboat View Post
    I'm also an antique glass geek, and there was a scene that briefly features an antique bowl I have. I was super excited.

    (I also have additional bowls in the same pattern, in green and clear, and in two different sizes. Yes, I realize I may have a problem.)
    I have several clear glass dessert bowls in this pattern, and some other amber colored ones somewhere, of different sizes... might have a green one or two, not sure. All inherited from my grandparents.

    Quote Originally Posted by cline View Post
    River Song and Amelia Pond. 'Nuffield said. If you don't know them yet, you will.


    Btw, check out nerdfit
    I didn't like River when I first saw her in Series 4, but having seen her backstory now, I have a much greater appreciation for her character (and much love for Alex Kingston, who needed a strong role after years of playing the much-put-upon Dr. Elizabeth Corday).

    Amy Pond annoyed me at first, then I liked her by the end of Series 5 (though I think Rory is the better of the pair). But Series 6 where's-my-baby-oh-who-cares back and forth put me off. Now that has far less to do with Karen Gillan and far more to do with Moffat's writing, which varies from brilliant to awful at times. Not saying RTD always hit a home run, but his writing appealed to me more. And the Tenth Doctor will always be my Doctor - nothing on Matt Smith, but Tennant was probably the best Doctor since Tom Baker.

    And I second the recommendation for NerdFitness, which is actually how I ended up at MDA.

    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    Haha oh Amelia Pond...I want to like her, but it wasn't until like the last episode she appeared in last season that I could tolerate her. Just kind of unbelievably stupid, frequently.
    Frustrating at times. Again, Rory is a much better conceived character, IMHO.

    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    I saw "Fright Night" just for David Tennant as a goth. It was teh hotness even if he had a bit of a gut. I need to look up videos of him speaking in his natural Scottish accent (more teh hotness).
    I think for Fright Night the paunch was on purpose, to convey that Peter Vincent had kinda let himself go - all booze and bad food and not taking care of himself. Still, Tennant spent a significant amount of time on screen shirtless, of which I wholeheartedly approve.

    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    Gheesh, I haven't played MTG since I was deployed. I'll have to figure out where my decks are. On other nerd news. I can't wait for this movie

    It is criminal that Knights of Badassdom has not been released yet. Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn, Danny Pudi and Summer Glau in the same movie??? How can that NOT be awesome!

    Um yeah... so my nerd cred: I owned a Commodore 64 when I was nine (and I still have it); I met my husband on IRC; he and I used to play Dark Age of Camelot before we got too busy with our kids; fandoms include Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR, Firefly, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, so many others...

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    I'm trying to decide if I want to play D3. I've never played the first 2 games, so that's kinda putting me off. And the 45 price tag is definitely off putting. Damn my OH who works for Activision and therefore gets himself a free copy.

    Hopefully at some point I will get my hands on an Raspberry Pi (FAQs | Raspberry Pi) and actually get my butt in gear to learn some progamming skillz

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    Totally forgot about Knights of Badassdom, when the frak is it coming out!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderlust View Post
    Totally forgot about Knights of Badassdom, when the frak is it coming out!?
    I couldn't find a release date. You would think, though, that Peter Dinklage's role as arguably the MOST popular character on GoT, and Summer Glau's status as ass-kicking sci-fi hottie would get some studio somewhere to back this and release it.

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