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    Spring Races - Who's Training?

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    As the weather gets warmer and the sun is out longer I am reminded that spring races are just around the corner. I am already signed up for the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon in May, official training begins on Monday. Who else is starting (or has started) training for a spring event?

    For me, this will be my first major race since 2010. I got so burned out on marathons that even the thought of registering, let alone training, made me ill. Also I'm doing a Lenten Whole30, so it'll be even more of a challenge to keep carb-levels up!

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    i just went out for a 6-miler this past weekend, and since NH is warming up a bit i'll be heading out a little more. i'm signing up for a half marathon in may (my first), plus a few 5ks and 10ks between now and then, and then mud runs over the summer. it's not a race, but i have a big goal of finishing the list of the White Mountains highest 48 peaks by this fall...and hopefully all the race training will get me prepped for some long hikes. i'm planning on doing a 30 day challenge at some point, but i'm not sure if that coincide with the training for the half or not.

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    Doing a 5K in April. That's as much as I run. Not a runner at all. I do however think that a little running is great for overall fitness. I generally do a little jogging at a moderate pace for about a mile or so at most if I do it at all. I do sprint consistently though and that makes the other running quite easy. The 5K's a few times a year give me something to do/train for even if I don't really change a thing leading up to them. I look at it as an extended workout a few times each year.

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    Been training for the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon on April 15th for a couple of weeks now. I've been trying to incorporate Mark's philosophies which he outlined in his series of articles about training for a Marathon.

    If this round of Training goes well, I might give a Marathon a whirl in the fall following the same philosophies.
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    I will likely run a couple of 5k races this year but no long distances (I used to do them, but I'm not really that into endurance running anymore). My partner already ran the Hypothermic Half Marathon here a couple of weeks ago, and he's on track to run the Vancouver marathon in May. One marathoner in the house is enough, especially since he's talking about doing ultras after this.

    I am thinking about training for a century ride though. My brother is a bike race mechanic and can help me get nicely equipped for cheap, and I've always loved cycling far more than running.
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    I'm training for my first marathon in Sept (provided my body cooperates and holds together. I feel like I'm being held together by paperclips & bubblegum), with 2 half marathons during the summer. Today is my 7 mile run (did 6 earlier in the week), next week 9 miles, then I'm off for minor surgery.
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    We'll see....back to running again after a long hiatus. Didn't really run much since August where I ran my 2nd 5k ever and for the second time puked at the end. I'd really like to run one where that doesn't happen.

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    I just signed up for my first 5K race on St. Patrick's Day at the local middle school. Typically I do 3-4 5K races in the spring, then take a break during the hot months, then another 2-3 races in the fall depending on my schedule. I'd like to get to a point where doing a race or two in midwinter wouldn't be so bad. The only way I'd race during July or August is if the race started at 5AM, because once the sun gets above the treeline, you start roasting.

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    I've got my first half marathon on Sunday. I'm sooooo excited. Got a few 5/10ks, a 12k mud runner planned for the summer and a novice sprint triathlon planned for autumn.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Just completed a 5k (Jan.) and a 10k (last weekend), have an 8k on 3/18 and a 10k on 4/1 then a half-marathon on 5/20 and one each month (pretty much) after that. So yeah, training has begun!

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