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    Stomach Flu

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    Hey guys,

    I've been primal since the beginning of November, and I've been pretty good about it, but yesterday I came down with a seriously awful stomach flu. I went to the doctor and they gave me an IV and Zofran, which helped a lot. Today I've only managed to eat half a banana and now I'm making some chicken soup. I'm thinking it's going to take a while for my stomach to properly recover since it's so sensitive in the first place. Primal food can be pretty rich and I'm used to eating rice, toast, crackers, potatoes, etc. when I'm sick, so do you guys have any ideas for stuff I can eat that won't damage my stomach any further?


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    My mom went through this a couple of months ago, and I asked a very similar question in here on her behalf. She asked me to buy her white rice and bananas and chicken noodle soup... Most of the responses I got in this forum were variations on "Let her eat whatever she wants till she feels better...". Some suggestions for ginger tea, etc, to deal with the nausea...
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    Depending on how bad you are at this point, I'd probably go in this order:

    Ginger tea is excellent, or peppermint. Even chamomile is great for an upset stomach.

    Bone broth.

    Small amounts of baked sweet potato.

    Some fruit is ok, mashed up banana, a few strawberries.

    Mark had an awesome article about this recently:

    What to Eat on an Upset Stomach | Mark's Daily Apple
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    Thanks guys!

    I did manage to get down some homemade chicken soup last night, but it didn't sit too well with me and I woke up extremely nauseous this morning. I tried to make an egg because I'm so weak and dizzy and need to go to class today, but my stomach wasn't having it so I broke down and went with a piece of gluten free toast. Something is better than nothing right?

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    The week I started primal eating I got a horrendous stomach virus. I ended up fasting for most of it, and having beef broth, scrambled eggs, and tea without cream when I felt I needed something in my system. But I think the fasting helped me get over it faster (I was much better after 3 days).

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