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    I'm a University student, and an unemployed one at that! If anyone can relate to the hardships of eating organic it would be me!

    Not to mention I just moved here a few weeks ago and I have no idea where everything is! But I'll figure it out eventually... Yesterday I found duck fat! I was so ecstatic I bought it there and then but forgot to buy a steak :/ good one.

    The hard part right now is to A) find a job B) to convince my mom to buy organic food.

    Good luck with that, right?

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    I got the eating part down 70-90% depending on the week

    But I'm not giving up drinking, even though I've reduced the quantity

    Love beer too much, but moderation is key.. plus its my last year in college, so hey, whatever

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    I am a graduate student over here in California at San Diego State University. I discovered this site just recently also. Around the end of January I was researching Vibram Five Fingers and happened to make my way to this site. (I just bought a pair of VFF KSOs yesterday!) The day after I visited this site and started reading about the science of eating "primal", I made a complete and abrupt transition, which was easy because I had already been dieting for a week and was out of food. Maybe not a complete 100% transition, I like dark chocolate, cheese and beer/wine and will continue to consume in appropriate servings.

    My roommate is a pescatarian, so we have completely different views on health and exercise (He runs for an 1h 30m a day pretty much 7 days a week). This leads to interesting encounters because we can harass each other and debate what is good or bad for us. I am surround by vegetarians and Mac users. (nothing against Mac users, it is just all the vegetarians I know hate PCs and love Macs)

    The hardest part for me, and well, probably any college student is money for food. I think I spend the majority of my free income on food. And it doesn't help when visiting this site and ones like it because you find a lot of interesting recipes and I always run out and buy the ingredients. And primal ingredients aren't always the cheapest. But I think that will work out in the end. I think by transitioning to a primal diet I will end up eating less, but eating higher quality foods. Hopefully it will balance out in the bank also.

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    I'm a 3 month away from graduation college student. I live with my husband and his parents it's kinda weird when they cook dinner and I skip corn and the bread... but hey, I'm loading up on veggies and the meat!

    So far, I've not been questioned, except for the fact that I quit drinking 6 cans of Mt. Dew a day and now only drink water.

    But I just stick to my guns... When the weight comes off they won't say a word!

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    I am also in college. I'm living off of a mealplan. Depending on what they have in the dining hall, it can be hard to get enough to eat. Though theres usually the salad bar to fall back on. And they usually serve some sort of meat. They also make omelets at breakfast. I get alot of omelets.

    I completely abstain from drinking and drugs. Why would I want to fill my brain with harmful chemicals? I'm probably the only college student on campus who doesnt drink.

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