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Thread: Primal Journal (thorN)

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    On medication for stomach acid. Switched medication once---PPIs were making me feel ill. Have felt bad in the stomach, a bit tired and sick for the last couple of months.

    I've been sun-bathing a lot! I'm going to Spain soon---even more sun!

    Vital statistics

    • Weight 140 lbs
    • Body fat proportion: 13.6%


    Lots of un-primal fare due to circumstances: money, staying with family (just graduated).

    Breakfast: eggs, sausage, bacon, black budding, mushroom, red pepper, tomato, onion, garlic.
    Meals: as much meat as possible, various curries (Thai, Indian) and stir-fries, usually made using jars and packets.

    I eat liver once per week and as much fish as I can get my hands on.


    Plenty of sleep, generally. Learned importance of taking a few hours to unwind at night, reading in a relaxed (plainly decorated), tidy room.


    Bad times, life problems. Emotional dislocation.

    Playing with my son can be very therapeutic---I have a bad habit of doing too much---I'm learning to take it easy. Sometimes it's OK to stay in and do... nothing! Just playing with toys is fine. We don't need to rush all over town.

    I've been reading a lot, too. It's all about finding something interesting---go to the library!


    I'm doing Primal Blueprint Fitness (PBF)

    • pistol squats with 6 kg dumbbells.
    • 36 push-ups (maximum in one PBF cycle)
    • three full chin-ups
    • lots of planks, including side up-and-downs

    I've had a lot of breaks due to health problems, sometimes as much as two weeks without an intense workout when I've been travelling.

    I generally walk and move around a lot, although I've spent a lot of time in bed recently. I just spent a week in Edinburgh and walked all over the city---exhausting!

    Haven't sprinted for a while, must get back into this.

    Progress photo



    • get stronger, do a set of full pull-ups
    • heal chronic sore throat
    • lower body fat percentage
    • more energy
    • no more aching back
    • better mood
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