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Thread: Primal Journal (thorN)

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    Singing. I spent a good half-hour singing at the top of my lungs in the car. I'm currently a terrible singer, but it doesn't matter, it felt good and made me happy.

    This feels like something of a breakthrough. Singing should be a 24/7 activity, it keeps you happy and makes your whole body feel good (especially with a bit of dancing). It's about expressing yourself. It also stops you worrying.

    I'm following this book/course: Set Your Voice Free by Roger Love.

    Also, I've realised that Ester Gokhale's posture exercises are meant to be performed comfortably. I've been jerking and yanking my muscles into place, which just creates tension. Do it gently and it feels soooo nice.


    Haven't slept enough the past couple of nights---I really felt it today, although my mood was generally good.


    Carried my two-year-old across town today and up the hill back home

    I also did a primal workout: I did a set of side-to-side squats. I like them, it worked my legs nicely. I find push-ups very difficult, but I'm slowly getting better.


    • Fried breakfast
    • Tuna-bacon salad with caesar dressing
    • Roast chicken and veg

    I fried up a pork steak slowwwly for a post-workout meal---delicious!

    Green tea is growing on me. I want to try white tea.
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    Recent highlights include

    • Frying steak with vegetables roasted in lard+herbs
    • Spicy pork stir-fry with carrot, sweet potato, beans
    • black pudding with breakfast
    • Steak salad with balsamic


    I've been visiting my brother so healthy lifestyle is out of the window for a few days!
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    • Feb 29 2012: 19% Body fat, 158 lbs, 34 inch waist (navel)
    • March 17: 17% BF, 150 lbs, 33 in waist
    • April 9: 14% BF, 144 lbs, 32 in waist

    These numbers are based on measuring-tape measurements---they're not very accurate (they indicate that my lean body mass is decreasing!)

    Before/after pics

    Feb 5 to Apr 9, 2012.


    starting out 20120205.jpgIMG00329-20120409-2014.jpg
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    Lookin good! Looks like now would be a good time to incorporate some "lift heavy things" to get some definition.

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    Cool - congrats on your success!

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    Time to put some meat on those legs brother. In about 6 months you'll have a completely different body with a decent strength and conditioning program. If you need help, let me know in a message or something.

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    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I'm currently doing resistance training (when I'm at uni) and bodyweight exercises (elsewhere) using Primal Fitness. However, I've got a long way to go building muscle!

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    I just did my second sprinting session ever---it felt good!

    I jogged to the park in the sun and cold wind and did a few short warm-up runs. I then proceeded to do eight full-on sprints: I managed to last about 12 seconds each time before I ran out of steam. I'd then walk back across the field to catch my breath.

    I noticed my chest hurt after full exertion, I imagine this will reduce as my body adapts to sprinting.

    The sprints felt surprisingly powerful---I guess that's the squatting coming in handy!

    I felt like my legs and arms were flailing about somewhat; I'm also unused to running in minimal shoes (I wore sneakers similar to Converse All-Stars with no ankle support).

    I am going to spring once per week from now on.


    I made a chicken stir-fry by frying chunks of chicken in beef fat with onions and garlic. I added bamboo shoots, carrot, cabbage etc. and put on some soy sauce, black pepper and ground ginger. It tasted so-so, not much flavour.

    I'm not sure how best to fry the chicken: high heat? low heat? How much fat will give the best flavour? A minimal amount to prevent burning or a huge chunk of lard?

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    Steak burger with roast veg. Shallots are a nice discovery.

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