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Thread: coconut oil taste

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    My husband doesn't like coconut. I'd like to try using some coconut products here and there to see what recipes of mine I can tweak and improve. Do coconut oil and other things carry the coconut taste with them?

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    I don't know what "other things" you're talking about but coconut oil definitely has a coconutty flavor, unless you get the refined type.

    My husband's not a huge fan of coconut either, but when I make coconut flour waffles or pancakes (recipe is on my blog) he enjoys them and never says "ew coconut"... The last couple nights we've also enjoyed some dark-chocolate-dipped fruit. I stirred some coconut oil into the chocolate to make it smoother and he didn't say anything. I thought it gave it a really nice flavor note though! Also, I sprinkled the dipped strawberries with some unsweetened shredded coconut.

    Is it a flavor thing or a texture thing for him? I have a friend who can't stand "coconut" (i.e., shredded coocnut) because it reminds her of fingernail clippings. Hahaha. But I'm sure something like coconut oil stirred into dark chocolate wouldn't bother her.

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