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Thread: Primal Blueprint followers from Denmark :)

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    Primal Blueprint followers from Denmark :)

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    Greetings fellow Grok people

    My wife and I are vivid followers of the Primal Blueprint movement, and we have created a Facebook community for Danish Grok people called Primal Blueprint Danmark.

    So if you are Danish, and live the Primal Blueprint lifestyle, and want to hook up with like-minded people, please come join us at:
    Primal Blueprint Danmark | Facebook

    Best regards from Michael & Heidi

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    Mar 2011
    Thule Greenland (76N 68W)
    Welcome! I work with many Danish folks here in Thule Greenland, and have been to Copenhagen once, great city to walk around. It must be hard to live the primal style based on what I have seen of the normal eating styles of the folks up here at least.
    Good Luck!
    Living the dream, inside a myth

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    Thanks, Littlesigh

    Hopefully we can inspire more danish people to go primal and change their awful eating habits

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    21 members so far... there's gotta be more primal danish people out there, right?

    Primal Blueprint Danmark | Facebook

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    54 members so far... growing slowly but steady

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