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Thread: The path to resolving diet related stomach issues

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    I have suffered from serious stomach issues most of my life and always believed it was either stress or anxiety related.After reading parts of the Paleo Diet book I started doing some research on how my health issues may be the result of improper diet choices.I have struggled with weight issues most of my 41 years starting in my mid teens.In my late 30's I watched my weight go up to 340 pounds and I started to feel chronically tired no matter how much sleep I got.I can't remember how I came across this site but I am glad I have found it.I have decided to purchase the Primal Blueprint and begin the process of cleaning up my diet.March 1st I am also beginning the Beachbody program P90.I haven't weighed under 200 pounds since I was 19 years old and it is something I want more than I can say.That and to no longer have to shop at the humpty dumpty size clothing store.That and to stop keeping my wife awake at night with my loud snoring.I am a guy maybe 1/4 of an inch under six feet and my goal is to weigh 190 pounds.Anyone willing to share your experience I welcome.

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    Hi and welcome! I was in the same boat as you: "oh, I just have a weak stomach" "stress just messes with me more than with most people". I feel sooooo much better when I stick to the primal way of eating.

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    Good luck! I think you're looking in the right place. I no longer experience burping, stomach pain, bloating (my waist measurement could increase by 5" after eating), gas, flatulence, loose stool, or frequent pooping - as long as I stick to a primal-type diet! One bagel and I bloat right up.

    Eating this way has also had a wonderful effect on my energy and sleep habits.

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