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Thread: some random venison cooking observations

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    some random venison cooking observations

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    did some strap tonite using wh. rice flour with a bunch of pepper,garlic,curry and a little adobo. fryed in bacon fat. worked out well. but bacon fat acts differently than high temp oils. rice flour acts differently than corn/wheat flour. is this consistent with what others see? suggestions/hints-i soak my venison 1-6h in milk. i think it helps remove residual blood and "gammyness". got a bud who does his quartered wild pork in iced buttermilk for 24-48h. this might be helpful with even domestic mutton,goat,pork? observations,ideas,experiences?

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    Naw... I just cook it up like beef. No flour, no milk, just fat and a hot pan. "Gameyness" - that's what meat's SUPPOSED to taste like. Enjoy it.

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    I cook venison pretty regularly, probably about once a week. I fry it on the stove top in a pan with lard, then in a separate pan I sauté onions and mushrooms, to serve over the venison. I find it slightly takes away from the gameyness a little.

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