Mom just turned 80 and is in very good health. Her "cholesterol numbers" are such that her doctor wants her to start taking statins... [shudder] He's a very GOOD doctor--by conventional standards (and more open-minded than many)--and she thinks very highly of him.

I've managed to put the Fear of God into her with an article (from TIME magazine--thought it might carry more weight with her than anything from this or other paleo/primal sites)--which she forwarded to him. (She also mentioned she's really not at all keen on taking those drugs.)

Are there any sources that would be particularly credible and/or influential for a more-open-minded-than-most doctor about the latest thinking on statins and heart disease? Something that would carry more weight than a couple of paleo sites?! (I can see his eyes rolling with those!)

I know more an more physicians are jumping on board this new way of thinking... What could we use to persuade this guy to back off?

[Interesting side note: Not 10 minutes after sending my Mom the link to the TIME magazine article, I was talking to a friend of mine whose 86 year old mother went to the doctor that morning complaining that "...every bone in my body ached!...". Turns out her doctor put her on Lipitor a week ago!