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Thread: Week 3 of CF

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    Week 3 of CF

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    And I am absolutely loving it. I started out with 3x/week for two weeks and have just increased it to 4 as of this week. Eating is going well too. First time I have ever combined exercise with diet (usually it is one or the other).

    Still no results yet (other than being a lot stronger already), but that will come with time.

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    Yeah Crossfit is good stuff. The only thing I would say is to make sure your diet is 100% on point and that you aren't overextending yourself on's very tough on your body, in overdrive can do more harm then good. However, as I know you are listening to your body, you will LOVE the results....I doubled my pull up max after just 3 weeks on it (currently can do about 25!). Waistline is seeing results as well.

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