OK, I'm looking for a little input from other primal parents trying to get their kids on board, my 12 year old son is a hockey player and in great shape, also a damn fine defenseman...but he balks at primal

I've been primal for about 5 months now and have been slowly removing the non-primal items from our house, as I'm the only one... The problem is my son would probably leave home if I took away his eggo waffles and syrup - ARGH! As well as some of the other non-primal foods he eats.

I cook most of our meals at home and he eats well when we eat together - it's the school lunches, after school snacks and breakfasts! I can't get him to eat eggs and bacon in the morning...or really anything besides eggos - and he literally had a meltdown when I told him in the store I was no longer going to buy him poptarts.

I've discussed it with him and he's pretty rational for a 12 yo, but he just said, "mom, I'm healthy - why do I need diet food?" I told him that it's not diet food, eating better would make him a BETTER athlete, faster on the ice and he would grow bigger and stronger...(he's on the smaller side of normal but really muscular and lowwww body fat)

I need suggestions on how to approach it with him - he's already a hell of an athlete, plays AAA travel hockey all over the midwest...??? I'm kind of stuck!

Anyway, I am picking up groceries today and of course he requested strawberry poptarts and I have a mental block against buying them...but when I come home WITHOUT them AGAIN - this conversation is going to happen....

any ideas are appreciated!