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Thread: Parents - Primal for young athlete?

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    Wondering how it's going?

    We have the same issues here re: social stuff. Also, they do still like to have treats. We talk a lot about blood sugar and how it's not good to have that spike so much with grains AND sugars combined. So cereal, in our house, is a Sunday afternoon treat... AFTER the good protein filled breakfast.

    I did about the same as one of the first posters said, gradually reduced the junk while gradually increasing the good stuff. Occasionally, when we ran out of something, I would say, "I'm not going to to the store to buy *just* that junk food. I'll get some next week with our next big grocery shop. It won't kill you to go a week without it."

    That said, we rotate a lot of foods in and out of our regimen. For example: we'll do a very heavy week of eggs, then take a week or two off, then do a couple of egg heavy weeks maybe. It's not strange for our kids to hear: "We're doing a _________-free week this week just to give our bodies a break from digesting it."

    We also explained that it is like exercising the same body part hard every day. We don't do that because our 'parts' need rest time. We approach the digestive system the same way.

    When we make big changes re: treats (which can tend to climb up gradually without notice), the second week is generally the worst... then life takes over and the focus shifts to something else.

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    That's a good way to put it kimsaria - He definitely understands working out and getting rest time. It's still going well - I like the rotating idea though, we might try that. I tend to mix it up daily and he always has a say in meal prep...and he likes to help. I'm still dealing with the personal issue of buying things that he likes, but that I know offer him no nutritional value whatsoever.... but it is less and less

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    My husband and I are two weeks in. Last weekend I cleared out the pantry and fridge of most of the non-paleo stuff. We have three boys, 1.5, 3.5, and 9. Our 9 year old is a red belt in karate, and loves his carbs! Fortunately, the boys are fast becoming great little carnivores. I've left them some of the Easter candy, and just plan on not replacing stuff. I've just gotten the cookbook, and I plan to sit down this weekend with my oldest and let him mark all the recipies he wants us to try.

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    I try to focus on how my kids feel when they eat certain foods. Both of my girls feel crummy if they eat too much bread or sugar, and they know it. Their downfall is ice cream and chocolate. I'm trying to get them closer to 85%, but they are really into white chocolate or milk chocolate. They can tolerate milk, but if we get ice cream I try to minimize the bad ingredients if possible. They usually eat their veggies first! Yay!

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    I decided to approach this as a long-term project without expectations of something happening overnight.

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