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    I am a 55 year old woman trying to build muscle. Every week I blast into a routine only to find myself exhausted and discouraged by Thursday. Any suggestions?

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    Don't work out every day.

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    What kind of workouts are you doing? That will say a lot...

    Try checking out Mark's archive posts on fitness. You may be thinking you have to do a lot more than you really do.

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    Exactly. Oned of the great things about PB is the workouts. When you workout hard, you workout short--no more than 30 minutes of lifting heavy things or 10 minutes of sprints and resting. When you workout out long, you workout easy--walking, maybe jogging, playing, etc.

    If you're going long and intense everyday, you're not following the Primal Blueprint.

    If you are following the workouts as outlined in PB, perhaps you aren't eating enough to fuel your workouts.

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    Tell us what you are doing, so we can help you with getting more energy. I personally work out 3 x a week, i am never exhuasted at the end, most the time i want to keep going cause i enjoy weight lifting. I also do cardio when ever i want/feel like it. haha some weeks i dont do any and other weeks i do.

    so just give us the info and i'm sure we can point you in the right direction

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