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Thread: Coconut flour that doesn't have that mild sweet coconut taste?

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    Coconut flour that doesn't have that mild sweet coconut taste?

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    Right now I'm using Bob's Red Mill Coconut Flour. And I like it for sweet dishes. But I really don't want the sweet flavor coming through on biscuits and whatnot. Has anyone found a coconut flour that doesn't have a mild sweet taste to it? Thanks!

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    That may be a bit of a tall order unless the producer wants to add in an extra processing step to remove free sugars, which isn't really an economical step for a niche product for coconut flour. I haven't worked with coconut flour much myself, but you may simply have to live with the sweet taste unless there is a brand out there that uses a process to remove free sugars or else sources a less-sweet coconut cultivar.
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