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    I've done a few things to accomplish change within my family (me, wife, 3 kids)that may or may not work for you. First, didn't tell them we were making a change. They just look forward to dad getting up to make a nice warm breakfast, usually egg-based. The harder part for me was replacing rice and taters with extra veggies at dinner time. But I found bringing the kids shopping with me and letting them pick out things from the produce section and even have a hand in cooking made them take a more active role and accept the change a little easier. Some of their picks can be kind of funky, but they are more engaged, that's for sure.

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    My kids pick the meals and help cook them twice a week. It has been wonderful in so many ways, but I've trained them well in the ways of CW "healthy." For example, tonight is Gracie's night to cook and she really wanted to make pasta. So I decided to look through the recipes with her to see what we could alter. She chose spaghetti and meatballs. Easy enough for me...I won't eat the spaghetti. I said something to that effect and she said "I thought whole wheat pasta was healthy?" She's 4 1/2! I told her that I'm learning a lot of new things and realize now that we don't need grains the way I thought we did. She asked if we could make the meatballs without the pasta - sure! They'll catch on, it's just not going to happen overnight!

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