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Thread: Eating a lot of carbs on a day with no exercise/rest day? Ok idea?

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    Eating a lot of carbs on a day with no exercise/rest day? Ok idea?

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    Would any harm come out of this if one was looking to stay lean.

    I mean if one was lifting hard several times a week then on an off day just had a major hankering for some a lot of sweet potatos or fruit or GASP *SUGAR*?

    Is there any science that says doing this on a day were you tax yourself very little if at all is a good thing to replenish energy stores even more?

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    The more full your glycogen stores, the more likely those carbs be stored as fat. So if you're looking for leanness consuming most carbs when they'll be used as fuel, or to replace fuel would be better. But I don't think food should be a source of obsession. If you want some sweet potato or fruit enjoy it moderately.

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    Not necessary at all, but not harmful either if those carbs are coming from sweet potatoes or berries. Best to keep you overall carb totals in mind, and not to exceed 150 grams by too much. I don't know why you'd eat sugar though, what really do you need to put sugar on? I'd just stick with the potatoes and fruit, just making sure not to go wild with it.
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    Want a potato eat a potato - 200 grams of a sweet potato is about 40-45 grams of carbs - not that much. you'll be fine

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