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Thread: Does strict primal lead to a shorter, lighter period?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orchid View Post
    For me, primal has meant no period (well, two in the past year). And I've done a lot of ridiculous diets -- raw, fruitarian, vegan, veggie and have always been an endurance runner in the meantime -- but my (heavy) period always stuck around in perfect cycles until primal eating. And I don't know why. Its gone away with both low carb primal and high carb primal.

    However, I still get the same PMS symptoms (but lighter cramping), so ovulation may still be occurring. I've read that if your lining is light enough, the body may just re-absorb it and that lack of period (or little period) isn't necessarily a sign of loss of fertility. It sounds like this lightening may be a side-effect of the whole foods diet... ??
    Same here.

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    Primal 9 months now, and it has taken a long time to see changes. BUT HAPPILY! YES! IT DOES GET BETTER ON PRIMAL.

    I still get pains, but can now cope with only taking 2 panadol, instead of my usual 4 (sometimes up to 6).

    Much lighter, only 2 days on. Used to be 3 +

    Way less flow.

    Still as regular as clockwork, once a month.

    Like ar0e, I have also given up the traditional bleached products, and switched to natural organic pads, and found it had a massive, positive result.
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