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Thread: Travel and PB

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    My job requires frequent travel for business. I am just curious if anyone else is in the same situation and how they have done with being on the program? I just started PB in Jan, and my travel schedule is starting to heat up to about 45-60% of my time starting next week. I am a little nervous about am looking to see how others may have handled this.

    Most places I stay are high end business class hotels, so no kitchens to use. That means no meals in house beyond fruits/nuts or veggies.

    Interested in hearing what other people do.



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    I don't travel as much as you do but I find it's very easy to customize dishes at higher end hotels and restaurants. I've never had a problem removing certain ingredients and replacing bread/potatoes with more veggies. Although you won't always know the quality of the ingredients, higher end places are very willing to accomodate changes to a dish so you can at least avoid grains and starch.

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