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Thread: Kerrygold Butter and other food treasures

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    Talk to me about this kerrygold butter, i haven't found it around here yet, only their cheeses. I buy amish butter from a farmers market, is it basically the same shit? kerrygold better? or should I stick with my amish butter roles?

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    Hard to explain~ I grew up in Minnesota (dairy state) In the spring, when the snow was gone, the cows were put out to pasture~ you could taste the difference in the milk and butter. Kerrygold tastes like that first spring butter from my childhood~

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    Lambs liver, YUM!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amdws1234 View Post
    sakura_girl. My brother told me that the gamey taste has something to do with how the meat is processed. He said to lose the gamey flavor, you need to hang the deer in a cold room (garage in winter for us in VA) for a couple days before getting the meat processed. He said if you process it right away, it tends to be gamier and not so terrific. He's a big vension guy so I just hit him up for some. He said it's been so warm he hasn't even bothered this year because of the gamey-ness. May want to ask about that and give it another shot.
    Sorry I may have misrepresented my grammar in what I said. I love the gamey taste, which is why I love grass-fed beef, elk, and ostrich. I don't like the venison taste because of its own...venison-y taste XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by andwe'removingon View Post
    kerrygold is amazing. But coconut oil was life-altering. I make a vanilla coconut oil fudge that is just too good. It's the only thing I crave that I actually, physically, cannot binge on. I have never managed to eat a second piece because the CO is so satiating. It is the perfect treat.
    Recipe, where is the recipe!??
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    Celtic sea salt is a new one for me and a new tasty meat is squab. No they didn't catch them out in the parking lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Analog6 View Post
    Recipe, where is the recipe!??
    I'm working on it. I'll be sure to post a link here when I put it up on my blog. I'll probably make a batch this weekend and have it up on the blog by monday.

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    I just found this article on butter stating that it can help you stay lean:

    Whole Health Source: Butyric Acid: an Ancient Controller of Metabolism, Inflammation and Stress Resistance
    The butyrate-fed mice remained lean and avoided metabolic problems. Butyrate increased their energy expenditure by increasing body heat production and modestly increasing physical activity. It also massively increased the function of their mitochondria, the tiny power plants of the cell.

    This certainly seems true. In the last several months I have increased my butter intake up to as much as a lb a week- really seems to help.

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