Okay, so I sent in my pictures for the new year challenge, but they've yet to hit the Success stories in the making. Need some motivation and accountability, so here I am!

Biog in short:
Quit my highly stressful, all-consuming management job in the UK in Oct 2011, embarking on a new career in teaching. Flew out to Australia late Oct to be with siblings and their families. Best thing I ever did. Hoping to go to Japan for a year in June to teach English and soak up the culture.
Been interested in Primal for around six months, started eating this way on Jan 1st 2012. Also started working out on a regular basis on December 15th 2011. I've always been pretty skinny, playing lots of football (inexplicably called "soccer" in many parts of the globe) to keep fit. I noticed as I turned 30 that, although I wasn't gaining weight, things weren't feeling quite as firm as they once were, and little pockets of body fat were starting to appear. Time to act. So I'm going Primal to improve my thankfully already decent health, and working out by LHT, sprinting and low-level cardio to see if I really am a hardgainer, or if I can achieve the muscular physique I've always wanted. I'll happily admit vanity is a motivator in terms of my fitness goals. I'm hoping to gain a lot of strength, but I'll be disappointed if it doesn't translate into a fine frame of solid muscle. Not looking for Olympic weightlifter size though, I want to still be able to put both hands in my pockets at the same time!

The stats:

Age: 32
Weight at Dec 15th 2011: 144lb
Chest: 37in
Bicep L/R: 13in/13in
Tricep L/R: 13in/13in
Thigh L/R: 22.8in/22.5in

The workout as of 15/12/2011:

Squat: 44lb 3x6
Sumo Deadlifts: 44lb 3x6
Bench:44lb 3x6
Pull Ups: body weight +44lb assist 3x6
Chin Ups: body weight +24lb assist 3x6
Shoulder Press: body weight +44lb assist 3x6

The pictures: Taken at 15/12/2011:
I'm nearly 2 months into the Primal journey as I type, so expect update pictures at the end of Feb 2012.