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Thread: House of Thin

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    OH, YUM! Grilled cheese...but now that I think about it, I don't miss it (much). It used to be a go-to quickie meal for my girls if we had an evening extra-curricular activity but now that I've been cooking primal for hubby and I (adding in rice and potatoes for them) they haven't had it in months.

    Enjoying your journal!

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    namelesswonder -

    That's awesome! I used to love grilled cheese too. I don't miss it.

    thepigisatastyanimal -

    Oooh, do you cook for your kids too? How are they handling it?
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    They eat pretty much everything we do plus rice, potatoes and wheat. I've yet to fully commit switching us all to primal because school lunches are always a mental block for me. My littlest (she's 8) has ++allergies, sinusitis, dermatitis and a recent bout of unexplained abdominal pain (all tests blood/stool/urine/scan/xray came back negative) so I just started her on gluten free eating plan yesterday. I know it takes time to clear gluten from your body but she actually had the best day she's had in several months. Baby steps.

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    Aww! Amazing. I adore parents on this forum. You are doing the best thing for your child's well being.
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    Aw, thanks. I love my little chicklets-they are awesome human beings.

    I try to follow the parenting philosophy of:

    love + books + home made foods + 11-12 hours sleep + playtime + nature + art = happy, healthy childhood

    Parenting is simple (but hard), KWIM?

    You're a great sister!

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    Thanks pig almost sounds like an insult (lol) but hope you understand.
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    I wouldn't make any committments with him at this point. I don't know if sex is involved, but if you aren't comfortable with your body, I don't think it should be (listen to me, being all matronly, I'm only 23 haha). Even just 5 years sexually active, I can tell you that when you aren't comfortable with yourself, the sex will never be as good as it could be! But outside of sex, lack of self-confidence or appreciation for your own image will reflect on a relationship, even if the guy isn't a shallow douche (sorry, but that's how I feel about him) like this guy. I would not give him the time of day, he sounds incredibly manipulative. It's not as though you don't already know you have things you'd like to improve on yourself, right? If he was simply being supportive and had never said anything like that, I'd say he sounds like a fairly nice guy. And I don't know, if you don't feel butterflies over the guy, I'd move on. I trust my gut with these kinds of things. I've been involved with two guys that I initially wasn't comfortable with or didn't like and then "got over" for some reason or another and both times it ended pretty poorly.
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    I am coming here to say my piece,hope you don't mind.
    If you are feeling uncomfortable in your body you want to be with a guy that makes you feel wonderful despite having insecurities..this in turn will make you feel more comfortable in yourself.
    Who is any man to tell you your body is questionable?
    As women we allow these things to slide by because we are insecure and think that no one will love us..let's just over look that because so many other things are so great about them..we are just so lucky to have been able to land a's bullshit.
    A relationship is about loving someone support and to encourage..not to tell someone something about them is questionable.
    It's only my opinion but I think you are a smart woman and someone would be lucky to have you..and that means all of you at whatever size you are!

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    the world
    OMG what an effing dick. I don't know how you can feel anything about him at this point and I would relegate him to either just friends or possibly even frenemy. Seriously, you cannot be in a romantic relationship with him- he's not that in to you and will never treat you right. You will always feel there is something off in the situation and it won't work. I had my moments when I was your age and for sure that kind of crap can really stick with you and mess you up. If I were you, I'd work on you for a while- tweak your diet, train, work, go to school, whatever- don't waste your time on some superficial jerk who puts you down. Definitely don't sleep with him whatever you do.

    I'm kind of an extremist, I think you should start an intermittent fasting protocol stat. Maybe spend some time at the Bulletproof Exec website. Men are clear about the need to be bulletproof but for some reason girls aren't as quick to catch on:
    The Bulletproof Executive

    Maybe also you should read your vedic chart. You need to figure out who is who and why things are happening. You need to figure yourself out. Go to and draw the chart up as sidereal. Then go to this site and hack it out:
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    fiercehunter -

    You are amazing. You sound like another friend of mine. Straight to the point. If there's one thing I respect it's honesty.

    And I just found Bulletproof Executive yesterday. I'm planning to read more of it. I'll probably start his IF with some bulletproof coffee soon, as soon as I run out to the store and get higher-quality coffee and butter.

    Thanks hun.
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