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Thread: House of Thin

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    House of Thin

    I wrote these equations out if anyone would like to use them.

    (x-lean body mass)/x=decimal percent desired BF%
    x=goal weight

    This will give you your goal weight assuming you don't put on muscle. If you anticipate adding 5-10 lbs of muscle over a certain period of time, adjust your lean body mass accordingly. If you believe you're going to lose muscle, for example 20% lean tissue per pound muscle lost, you have to subtract that from your lean body mass.

    172 = current body weight
    129.21 = rough estimate lean body mass
    18% = desired body fat percentage

    [x-(129.21-(172-x)*0.2)]/x = 0.18
    x=153 lbs

    <Goal Weight Assuming Lean Body Mass Held Constant>

    @ 20% BF
    (x-129)/x = 0.20
    x=161.25 lbs
    172*0.25-161.25*0.20=10.75 lbs fat lost

    @ 18% BF
    (x-129)/x = 0.18
    x=157.3 lbs
    172*0.25-157.3*0.18=14.69 lbs fat lost

    Here's a link to an online equation solver. Hope someone finds these handy!
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