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    Future of meat

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    What do you think about man made meat?

    Meat demand is going to double in the next 40 years and right now we are using 70% of all our agricultural capacity to grow meat through livestock
    Meat grown in the laboratory could have several advantages, because its manufacture is controlled at each step. The tissue could be grown to produce high levels of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids, or to have a particular texture
    £200,000 test-tube burger marks milestone in future meat-eating | Environment | The Guardian

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    The tissue could be grown to produce high levels of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids
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    Soylent green is people!

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    Seriously, are they *trying* to kill us?????

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    You know, I've wondered lately why society has an issue with nuclear energy (right or wrong-I don't know-which is a whole 'nother discussion) and thinks of fish with three heads and glowing people, but we (society) don't bat an eyelash when we hear about man-made foods, pesticides added to our foods, or creating "meat" in a lab. WTF?? Which is the more imminent threat to people on a large scale? Which is already having a negative affect on people and animals?
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    Partially hydrogenating oils sounded like a heart healthy idea at one stage too.

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    I don't know about everyone else but I want my beef raised outside on natural pastures by caring farmers, not at some lab in a test tube by some scientist.

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    It's not appealing, but I can't blame science for thinking along these lines with world population growing and the world itself staying pretty much the same size. I don't know what the solution will be when billions more people want to get fed.
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    It's freaky to think about, but if they can grow healthier cuts without side effects and all the health benefits, I'm down. It would help me eat a lot more meat without batting a moral eyelash. Doubtful that it will be up to my standards anytime soon if there's no or little demand for them.
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    The price will have to come down. I've no intention of spending $200,000 on a burger. Not unless I can live in it.

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