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Thread: an experimental,hodge podge,skillet grnd venison recipie-kinda long post

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    an experimental,hodge podge,skillet grnd venison recipie-kinda long post

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    12" flat non stick skillet. stir fried coarse diced onions (red) in peanut oil-yes not PC,but what i had. did them to "med well". added coarse diced green bell pepper. done to "med". dropped in about 1lb ground venison (no fat added at processor) and about 1 tblsp of indian masala packaged seasoning. throughly browned meat. added in some leftover yellow (white,saffron) rice. got it heated up. added 2 sliced up tomatoes on top,covered and simmered for about 10 min. figured the tomatoes would yield some moisture,which they did. really came out well. will experiment. use pre-prepped wild rice even sliced,pre baked sweet potatoes,squash? any bell or onion should work. other seasoning combos as well. will try a more PC oil-sunflower or hemp (expensive!). oil should be high temp tolerant IMHO. all i have is a lot of low fat venison and some goat,but,higher fat might work as well. cooking times/temp might need adjustment. adding red wine with tomatoes is a thought,if one allows it. mushrooms are a must try. cooked bacon? any ideas or input for other "stuff"? like to hear it.

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    Sounds good. I love any stir fry. Last night was ground moose, asparagus, baby bok choy and onions with lots of garlic and a bit of salt. Finished off the leftovers today on top of a salad with a lemon vinaigrette.

    I think any ground meat is great to stir fry with because it incorporates whatever spices and flavors you are cooking with.

    Another favorite is chicken thighs, mushrooms, and onions.

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    Good work! This is something I'd call a "Paleo Scramble" - it's not quite a stir-fry, more a case of dropping in the right ingredients at the right time.

    I had a nice back to basics evening a short while ago: living in the ice age: Paleo, Just Paleo!

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