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Thread: In the beginning, little to no fruit, yes? A glass of wine each evening?

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    In the beginning, little to no fruit, yes? A glass of wine each evening?

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    I have been eating fruit every morning along with an omelette, bacon and the fruit is mostly honeydew and cantalope with a few chunks of pineapple and mango. Now I realize that the mango and pineapple are too high GI but want to keep the fruit to help with roughage, digestion, elimination, etc. OK to do so? Also, a glass of wine (white) at night or is this a strict no no also? Thanks Groksters!

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    It depends on your goals. If you are trying to lose weight and not losing, then try eliminating or lowering your fruit intake or at least moving them till later in the day.

    Red Wine is fine, but same thing if you are plateau'ing then try cutting it. Make sure its a dry wine.
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    Generally Fruit is a little ways down the list of things worth worrying about. A rough heirarchy of what to look for first:

    -Any kind of added sugar(Sugar, HFCS,Agave, etc.)
    -Liquid Calories: includes the above, but also includes "fruit" juices - which tend to be highly concentrated sugar sources
    -Processed/refined carbohydrates: white bread, cereals, and their cousins
    -Alcohol(beer would be damn near the top of this list, but dry red wine isn't nearly as bad)
    -Overal Portion Control
    -Fruits and starchy veggies

    In short, there's a lot of things I'd look at before blaming the fruits. On these forums people tend to be much too quick to blame a lack of weight loss on a little bit fruit intake rather than all the other problems with their diet. That said, sticking to less-sugary fruits like berries(which are also delicious and nutritious) can be a positive step while still keeping fruit in your diet.

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    Also if you are eating a lot of volume of veggies throughout the day as is recommended you won't need to worry about the "roughage, digestion, elimination, etc. ". You will be getting plenty from the veggies. I'm just throwing that out there since you said that is the reason you want to keep some fruit in your diet. You don't NEED the fruit. But if you WANT the fruit then just refer to the above posts!

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