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Thread: Food Journal app for Android... Any recommendations?

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    Food Journal app for Android... Any recommendations?

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    Probably a pipe-dream, as I don't think one exists with everything I want... But I am looking for a food journal with the following characteristics:

    Must have:
    Meal diary
    database of foods(and/or online lookup from USDA or other source, with the values for the meal stored locally)
    barcode scanner for store-bought foods
    Daily/weekly/monthly totals for Fat, carbs, protein.

    Nice to have:
    Possibility of tracking other nutrient values or going more granular
    Weight tracking per day
    Weight differential from the previous day

    Must NOT:
    Bug me constantly about my calories
    Give me unwanted nutritional advice (i.e. Lighting my fat intake up in red and giving me stupid warnings)

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    how much do you want to pay me to write it for you
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    I like the Spark people app
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