Ok, so exercise only gets me so far, and I'm feeling like making a few dietary changes will push me over the hump to where I want to be weight and health wise. Soooo, I came across this site from a link from one of my CrossFit coaches and liked what I've seen and read so far. I have looked at the paleo diet before and am interested in giving it some sort of try. I've been "quasi" paleo dieting for about a month so far and I think I'll try a bit harder now.
I'm in the best shape of my life since I was in my early 20's and hope to be able to drop my weight by about 10 lbs while continuing to build a little more muscle and then stay there around 170, that's the hard part it seems, staying at your fighting weight.
I just ate the last piece of bread I hope to eat for the next 3 weeks or so (barring maybe a hamburger bun or 2). I made it public to my coworkers that I'm planning to avoid bread at work for the next 3 weeks (which sucks since they make great bread here), so here goes.
Wish me luck