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    Primal Blueprint Journal (JeriGarcia)

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    I have been researching and leaning in this direction, slowly but surely. I am excited to start my first day of my 30 day challenge tomorrow on February 17th .... so Saturday, March 23rd will be my 30th day.

    This is actually a really bad time for me to do something like this, but since it is a life-style I will have to be doing it through thick and thin anyways.

    Until Tomorrow...

    Sidelined with the stomach flu! So my first day is changed to the 19th of February with an ending date of March 25th.

    So far so good

    Today's food:

    Coffee - black
    Fresh Squeezed power juice (8oz mix orange, apple, spinach, carrots)
    Chicken, spinach, grape tomatoes, 1 egg, 2 pieces turkey bacon

    Chili from Wendys (had beans and I am sure some sugar - but best think I could think of)

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    February 20 - Day 2

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    Work days are always easiest for me. I eat what I pack and then I am too tired so I cook what I had left out to cook.

    The weekend with my kids is the hardest. They eat healthy, but I have not eliminated grains from their diet at this point so I have a hard time seeing that....

    Coffee - black

    Greek yogurt
    Carrots / hummus

    stir fry chicken over cabbage

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