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Thread: Primal is going good, with some odd effects

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    Primal is going good, with some odd effects

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    My primal lifestyle is going well (been on it about a month now). I never get ridiculously hungry any more, my pants are loosening, my shirtless muscles look awesome. My energy levels and mood are continually moderately high. I do break my diet from time to time (typically when socializing once a week or so), and I'm getting more and more sensitive to the effects of doing so... and therefore doing it less. No pressure, no willpower... just plain recognition of cause and effect.

    One odd effect, however, is that hydration seems off, somehow. I feel thirsty more often than I used to, so I drink water more often than I used to... but my body doesn't seem to do anything with it other than pass it through. I alternate from not getting enough water (and feeling a bit dehydrated/hung over in the morning, as if I'd drank too much alcohol), to drinking enough to feel fine in the morning... but having to piss about once an hour for the early part of the day.

    Anybody else have this effect? I am seeing on these forums there's some kind of connection between carbohydrate consumption and water retention. It's not bad, just a bit of a nuisance, and a curiosity.

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    That usually happens to me after my high carb day. I'm really really thirsty then I have to go to the bathroom non-stop. A few times its happened in the middle of the night, which is REALLY annoying..
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